0.84.2 - Can't set Lovelace to default in yaml mode

I switched to yaml mode in lovelace and it is working fine after taking care of the breaking changes. However i can’t get it to default. It seems to ignore the >> Set lovelace as default page on this device << toggle in dev-options.
Clicking Overview in the sidebar sends me to when i would expect it to send me to Did i miss something?

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Tap use Lovelace as default and then tap try Lovelace and then don’t click on overview until you refresh… it takes a refresh for overview button to know to use Lovelace - but it’s always seemed to do that here.

Thanks, but still can’t get it to stick. Tried the following:

  • clear browser cache/deleted token
  • click use lovelace as default
  • click try lovelace
  • did not leave page, clicked around for a bit, flicked some switches, waited for sensors to update
  • clicked refresh in the top right menu
  • then clicked Overview - still kicked back to old view :frowning:

Did you try maximising the Lovelace/0 (turning off the side panel) and then refreshing? It does eventually stick…

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Uhm, I resorted to performing a rain dance and mumbling incantations. That did it. Or giving it time for a bit. Anyway when i came back, i logged my user out and back in and now it sticks.

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