0.85.1 as latest? Docker Hub

“latest” build still pointing to 0.85, no 0.85.1 yet?

Just pull 0.85.1 until it gets updated

Yep, but need it as “latest” so I can update my Synology Docker setup easily… :slight_smile:

You can get synology docker to use any tag you want. Doesn’t have to be latest. Literally new pull, and container build/run. Your volumes are still exactly the same so no issues.


Just wait one more day and it will get updated.

Best advice here

still isn’t updated…

Mine isn’t either. Although on the front-end i’ve got a notification about new update; but my docker instance is not updated yet.

Still not updated. This is really unusual for this docker image. It’s usually updated at the same time as HA.

Same here. I just tried to update it manually, but i still came up with same version

Put in the 0.85.1 tag. Otherwise wait till 0.86 drops in a week for the latest tag to get updated.