0.86 and migration to lovelace

So, I’ve upgraded to 0.86.x knowing that Lovelace is now the default webGUI. I understand there are multiple ways to manage it (Config UI or Yaml) or just allow the engine to do its own thing (default).

I’ve not used lovelace so don’t have a pre-existing lovelace yaml file

I have a groups.yaml which appears to still drive the GUI at this point (I’ve read it gets ignored using lovelace, but this doesnt appear to be case with the default settings). At this point how does the engine decide on cards?

If I just want to give the engine hints, do I just use groups.yaml?
If I take control of the GUI, and change my mind how do I go back to default?
If I take control, does that allow me to specify cards etc or do I need to move full to yaml mode?

The documentation seems to be missing this middle ground…

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Auto-generated uses groups.

If you change your mind, delete the .storage/lovelace file

You get full control with the GUI - you don’t need to use or worry about the old yaml editor for lovelace although you can if you want to.

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