0.86: New Lovelace UI and Zigbee Management Panel!


This is incorrect. See the docs for when to use time and when to use time_pattern as a trigger in an automation.


i dont know
but changing my plafrom for triggering @ 7:30 was time,
which was giving me error, now after changing it to time_pattern error is gone.


Look at the logs. Maybe there’s some breaking change to manage.


well … I wish I could say congratulations and thank you, but somehow my upgrade experience gets worse and worse for quite a few of the last iterations. In fact, I spend a lot of time figuring out what causes problems each time I pull a new docker image, rebooting, rebooting, … waiting for another update to fix temporary problems. Honestly, I like home-assistant, that it’s written in Python, open-source, extensible. I totally love app-daemon and that’s what I use for automation, not home-assistant. Quite frankly, I think writing automation based on markup-language is simply one big wrong idea. From home-assistant I use the event driven orchestration, state machine and third-party integration component. I’m on the very verge of giving up on home-assistant (or at least its updates) because it delivers more problems than improvements recently. HASS is nice while it works and an endless nightmare once it doesn’t - I no longer use it. Lovelace should have been there from the start but at least it’s now.
In my opinion, stability, involvement of actual long-term users, tinkerers/tweakers is somewhat neglected. There is fast innovation, but for whom - one time downloaders? I am seriously wondering whether other long-term users experience something similar or if I am asking too much. I would like to see a poll by home-assistant. That should also distinguish people who just like it as it is out of the box and try it briefly vs people trying to max it out and follow it for a long time.

For clarity: thanks for all your work, I’m placing my concern here because I like home-assistant and rather want to stick with it. But given the struggles with updates I doubt whether I bear with it for much longer.


This is madness. I will even not mention the fiasco of raw config editor but with the 0.86 update everything broke. Lights,scripts, automation you name it. Now i can understand that in order to improve a software constant updates have to be made but not to the extend that the software becomes useless! I don’t know even where to begin to fix things. So i will do one thing revert back to 0.85 and stay there. This is a great software and lovelace is undoubtedly the way to go but not by breaking almost everything on it on an update.


Anyone else lost Apple TV? I’ve manually configured it in the past but for quite a few months now I’ve just left it to auto discover. However both my Apple TVs have disappeared since 0.85.1. I’ve also lost the appletv service so I can’t scan for them either.


How do I use custom cards via the Lovelace UI ?
If not possible, should I create the ui-lovelace.yaml (I don’t have it at the moment) and I won’t be able to work via the Lovelace UI ?


@e_jp there is a breaking change related to time in 86. I know you say you’re not using any automations in HA but are you using the time notation anywhere else?


My understanding is custom cards are okay as long as you use the ui-lovelace.yaml file and edit it manually.
Custom cards using integrated editor = bad.


I use the editor via the web UI for custom cards just fine.


I need some help:

Why won’t my automations (fixed time) and groups and lights etc not load?
Why don’t my hue lights appear?


I upgraded to 0.86 last night

since the I have lost automation,
I can connect to the new Lovelace UI from an iPad or phone but when I use Microsoft edge on my laptop where I do all the programming of A, sometimes it connects other times it failed to connect and I just get the side bar and a whirring wheel in the centre pane


@Klagio helped me: that was inside a package, so not directly in my own configuration. Error message was just not helping much finding the real error location.


I suggest you start a new thread and include any error messages appearing in Home Assistant’s log. That will help others to debug the problem.


For others who may have the time platform buried in a package, you can use this Linux command to recursively search through all files for a given string. Change to your config directory and run this to find any line containing : time

grep -rni ": time"


Same here, everythings broken on mine now!


Replying to myself, this fixed itself. I suspect network issue at the same time as I upgraded.


I’m a new user, but I’ve learned you don’t need ui-lovelace.yaml to have custom cards. I was able to move the contents of ui-lovelace.yaml to the raw config editor and delete ui-lovelace.yaml. Then everything is in one place, and easily accessible from the UI.



I actually just cracked it!!!

Since I’m Swedish, Å Ä Ö is not valid in my automations. Fixed that.
Then I renamed mqtt_json to mqtt in my light config. Plus a myriad of things.

Up and running now.


Thanks - that’s definitely an important thing you are pointing out: having a test system next to a production system. The additional problem is that you better have a test home, too, with all the hardware, because test and production will otherwise interfere when running on the same house hardware simultaneously. You could make automated tests running briefly, of course, but while that’s common practice for professional software developers it’s not what most people are prepared to do. You can then blame it on the users but since home-assistant is making such an effort to make everything greenfield as idiot-proof as possible, why not idiot-proof the very updates of already running systems? I feel that all the recent focus is on making HA look shiny and comprehensive for first-time users but neglecting the long-term user base which is simply trying to keep up to date. As a result I find my system broken all too often. An immediate take-away from your advice is to not upgrade blindly but be very prepared for it, e.g. by means of backups of the old version files and the database.