0.88: Persons, Command line auth and event subscriptions


I understand what you are saying… really do. However it’s a fact that people do not read the release notes even… If you start seeing an issue, surely you would at least do that and also check the logs… it’s not like any of this is hidden. Fortunately the disasterous roll out of 0.86 where the entity id’s totally broke everything and HA wouldn’t even start was rolled back and I don’t think they are likely to break things again without warning.

For my part, I saw that some of my components and custon-cards were going to be affected (from b0) and I contacted the developers of those cards and components to give them a heads up. Love to know what your better solution is. I don’t think it’s up to the main HA devs to be hand holding everyone who writes custom components. I don’t know what the best solution is but taking a pro-active approach as a user seems like a good idea to me anyway.


Which was exactly the point in my post about this subject.

Maybe a better approach would be to make more system posts to the forum with things broken up into more easily digestible pieces when there is a major change to functionality.

Cramming all the information into a major release post every two weeks that then gets inundated with so much information isn’t the most effective way to communicate these things. Or at the very least not bury it deep in the post so it’s ridiculously easy to miss.


Won’t make the slightest difference. People won’t read multiples either if they don’t read even one… All the major breaking changes are in a small section at the top.


I’ve got to say I must lead a charmed life, but another painless upgrade (crossed fingers).

Love the ReRo approach, although I’d rather stick to yaml files than all this gui bulldust. One of the reasons I came to HA in the first place was that it was configurable from text files. But maybe that is because I have been using linux since the mid 90s.


Same here. even easier when i can test with a beta though before taking plunge to latest.
I’m 50/50 on the yaml /gui. Somethingsare just easier to use the gui.


I have questions about the warnings displayed in ui notifications panel.
Warnings give us the info that some properties are available and must be removed. But I have warnings about properties that are referenced in documentation. An example is the max-age property of sensor.statistics
So my question is : what information is the right one ? The warning or the documentation itself ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


yes, i am seeing warnings too, that in my opinion are correct? i dont get it,

see here :


I get this:

Log Details (WARNING)
Thu Feb 21 2019 10:03:59 GMT+0100 (Midden-Europese standaardtijd)
Your configuration contains extra keys that the platform does not support.
Please remove [device].

Your configuration contains extra keys that the platform does not support.
Please remove [icon].

But i cant find it in my config… How can i find it?


Not sure, I got line numbers in my warnings…


Just remember, sometimes the log throws up errors that have nothing to do with the actual error… the error could be somewhere else entirely. This has happened to me many times… It says invalid key on blah line but then you find somewhere else is actually what triggered the error…

I would check the breaking changes in the release notes for ANY platform/component you use. If necessary, start commenting stuff out and see if that fixes it.


Yeah i’ve got one with linenumber, already fixed that. But this is inpossible to find!


The event listening is fantastic!

Is this available also for automation or maybe in the future? Nice to see what is happening with trigger/condition/action for debugging automation


Where is the option for event listening please


developer tools , events


Is the log EVENT_LISTENING saved somewhere? It scrolls very fast, need to read it slowly



just moved to 0.88 and besides trying to understand if all custom_components are working, I’m testing the new person component.

I’ve defined like this

  - name: me
    id: me2345
      - device_tracker.192_168_1_86_xx_xx_xx_xx
      - device_tracker.192_168_1_71_xx_xx_xx_xx
      - device_tracker.ab12cd34ef56

The first two are Google Home Bluetooth location and the third is based on nmap

Now I’ve disabled my Wifi and BT and after a while person.me went from home to not_home.


Now I just enabled BT and one of the two GH BT tracker become home and the other two remain not_home.
But person.me is still not_home.

What is the rule to get person home or not_home based on all the device_tracker?

Why in the entity attribute I see only one device_tracker:

editable: false
id: me2345
source: device_tracker.ab12cd34ef56
friendly_name: Me



Got it thanks, somehow wasn’t showing earlier but after screen refresh it appeared


The samsungtv component give me a Config Warning due to the mac address in the config file

- platform: samsungtv
  name: Samsung TV
  host: samsung-tv.home.lan
  mac: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

But the documentation still say that mac is a valid configuration entry (and required for power on) : https://www.home-assistant.io/components/media_player.samsungtv/


What’s the message say? It’s been the entry below the referenced line for me that actually has the incorrect field.


mac addresses were dropped a couple of versions ago. Documentation needs updating.

No they weren’t. It was only the vendor look up. https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/13788 sorry.