0.89: Nissan Leaf, PlayStation 4, Point alarm control, Owlet baby monitor


in your case, nothing. The partial overlays only impacts platforms that also have a component, like for example Nest (it has a component for auth, platforms for climate, sensor, binary_sensor). In that case, you will need to copy the Nest component over from Home Assistant, then make your changes accordingly.


Is Harmony still using webhooks in this update?


@balloob is there a simple explanation somewhere for the difference between a platform and a component? I have looked through the developer documents but I am still confused.


The difference has become more ambiguous now that we have “embedded platforms” and so the platforms live in the same folder as the component.

A component is what you reference in your configuration.yaml. They are loaded by Home Assistant and passed the configuration.

A component can just set up the auth, like nest, or it provides a foundation for other integrations to integrate a device type, like light. Both are components and defined as nest/__init__.py or light/__init__.py.

Platforms are a way for one component to integrate with another component. For example, For the Nest component to offer a sensor, it will implement a sensor platform. These files used to be defined as sensor/nest.py, but has recently been moved to nest/sensor.py (no changes to file content)


Thank you, I will read that a few times and try and digest it. Cheers and thanks for all your work.


Nice work guys. I’ve noticed an decrease in start up time too. My HA instance would have an average of around 82 seconds in the logs, now it’s down to about 55 seconds.

Not sure what you guys did, but I appreciate any decrease in load times. :slight_smile:

Now, I just need to work out the path to python in my Virtual Environment so that I can setup the new PS4 integration. Anyone have any pointers?


@cjsimmons What Operating System are you using to run Home Assistant?


I think that if components are going to be integrated into Home Assistant and distributed, there ought to be some minimally useful documentation available. Something to give a prospective user some sense of what it actually does and how one might use it before actually configuring it and then poking around and looking at the entities that might be created, what their names might be, and what attributes might be around.

I saw in the announcement for this release the Reddit component, and I think the documentation falls short of being helpful unless you decided to read the source code or go to the trouble of actually configuring it.

It seems that the rigor around taking pull requests and review of the code to comply to the style and other conventions seems really different from the scrutiny on the accompanying documentation.

Just some feedback, thanks for all the great code and all the volunteer effort from all the contributors.


HAHA!! I should have mentioned that. I’m running Raspbian Stretch.


I’m eagerly waiting for version 0.89 because of the Toon component. But I don’t get an update notification in hassio.io… can I enforce the check for updates?


And Google Location broke again. :frowning:
“2019-03-07 08:54:35 ERROR (Thread-22) [locationsharinglib.Service] Could not open pickle file, either file does not exist or no read access.”


I’m getting the same error as TravlinMax.
Hass.io on Raspberry Pi 3, currently on 0.88.2


Great, I wondered 1 year ago why was as it was before (it was very confusing to me, now much better)


The path you want should be in /usr/bin/. Try the exact command listed in the docs. The path needed is not in your venv but on your normal system btw.


Same here.
hassio ha update says


hassio ha info says

last_version: 0.88.2

and no way to upgrade. I’m running Hass.io 0.88.2 on RPi3
any luck of getting the update?


Just wait a couple of hours


Same here.
hassio ha update says


hassio ha info says

last_version: 0.88.2

and no way to upgrade. I’m running Hass.io 0.88.2 on RPi3
any luck of getting the update?

I have exactly the same :frowning:


I will :slight_smile: but it’s quite strange tough, because I image that it is just checking pypi… and that should not differ from person to person.


well, it’s already 8 hours since the announcement. I’m not complaining, but isn’t it strange that it does work for some and doesn’t for others?


no each image has to be built