0.98.4 unstable?

Hi all

Is it just me, or is the 0.98.4 particular unstable.
I’ve now twice experienced weird crash after updating lovelace.
I added two custom-graph cards in a vertical stack, to an existing horizontal stack, and boom, nothing responded, then after a while it came back, and then the hassio tab didn’t work.
I saw this yesterday as well a few times.

Off addons I have:

  • AirCast
  • AppDaemon
  • Configurator
  • ESPHome
  • Hass.io Google Drive Backup
  • Mosquitto broker
  • RPC Shutdown
  • SSH Server
  • Samba share
  • TasmoAdmin

In HACS I have:

  • Breaking Changes
  • Philips Android TV
  • Youtube Sensor
  • Aftership card
  • Button card
  • Compact Custom Header
  • Group Card
  • Lovelace Card Mod
  • Lovelace Card Tools
  • Lovelace Markdown Mod
  • Mini Graph Card
  • Mini Media Player
  • Weather Card

The hardware is a RPi4 with 4 GB Ram, and a Aeotec Z-Wave stick.

have you tried removing the 2 custom-cards you added to see if its stable?
working ok here

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No problems with 0.98.4 here.

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No problems for me either, uptime of 24 hours since last restart of HA.

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I’ve heard of issues with hacs and stability. Recently for me some Lovelace cards stopped rendering in the iOS 1.5 app.

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@bbrendon I have the same issue with IOS 1.5 app…although not sure if this is due to lovelace but after upgrading I can’t browse anymore my frontend.
It loads but it is irresponsive

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No, I haven’t, I’ll have to experiment with that in the weekend, so far it’s only when configuring cards it gets upset here, but it’s a running system, so it won’t be popular for me to tear out the installed cards :slight_smile:

Doesn’t sound the same. My front end is still working, just some cards are throwing errors.

I had some stability issues as well… and I decided to remove HACS and it is working great ever since.

Then you better post an issue in the HACS github :slight_smile:

Yeah but it is running great ever since… like… for 12 hours. lol I’ve done it today. I will see if everything goes well… like for a few days (like I was able to do prior updating to 0.98.4) then I’ll post an issue :wink:

But yeah, you a definitely right! Would not let HACS down. :wink:

I finally discovered it was my error. Apparently I broke it ages ago but browser caching caused it to just now show up.

Hey JayF - I think I have the same issue - for me the instabillity problems started with HACS 0.13.3, I then rolled back to 0.13.0 - were everything was working fine… After some time I decided to give it another try with 0.15.7 now - and the instabillitiy issues are back. Have you created an issue on github? Or did you find a cause for this issues?

No I haven’t created an issue on github… and I haven’t installed HACS back neither. Not that I’m not interested into HACS anymore… but I haven’t got enough time to test it again. But yeah, eversince HACS is completely uninstalled, I haven’t experienced any issues.

That being said, I’m running Home Assistant off a 5 years old Intel NUC. This computer is not fast compared to NUCs these days. Maybe running HA on a much decent computer would have made the whole thing a lot much better…

On what hardware are you running HA ?

I’m running it on a Pi 3B+ with docker - memory consumption is about 55%… My github issue got closed because there is nothing suspicious in the logs. I already enabled debug logging for hacs and homeassistant.core - but it just restarts without any notice. Strange thing is that it runs stable for weeks without HACS, so I don’t suspect that it is an hardware performance issue…

Yeah same here… I haven’t touched HA for a while eversince HACS has been uninstalled. That being said, I’m about to buy a faster Intel NUC and from there I will reinstall HACS to definitely rule out the hardware performance as the cause of the issue.