1 of the 2 Fibaro Multisensors not showing value changes

Yesterday, 2 Fibaro Multisensors (z-wave+ version) arrived and an Aeon Labs Gen5 USB stick.

After some messing around with it, 1 sensor showed up in Home Assistant (installed using the all-in-one installer), the other one did not. I figured I had done something wrong and reset everything and started again from scratch. (using the reset option in the open z-wave control panel and hardware reset both the sensors and the USB stick).

After pairing everything again, and letting it just sit overnight I did notice 2 zwv_.cnf files, and a scene file in the Home Assistant configuration directory. One of them had an old timestamp, from before the hard reset. So I moved that file away.

I gave the Pi a reboot and both finally showed up in HAS. But only 1 is reporting anything. The other one shows all values as “0” - but for some reason the battery is at “81” - which is weird, because I took them out of the box yesterday, and the reporting sensor is still at “100”.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the other sensor to report anything?

The sensors themselves are actually detecting things properly, judging from the LEDs.