1-wire LAN-interface

I am trying to start with 1-wire. Is there any recommended and reasonable 1-wire LAN-interfaces that works with HA?

I have read the page, but the only interface hardware mentioned there is a USB-interface?

Can you point me to such a device? ie a link to some documented device?

Every google search seems to land on the LAN that is formed between the 1-wire device, but I assume you are referring to a 1-wire<–>tcpip interface?

One option seems to me to connect your 1-wire device to an ESP or a Arduino, but I’ll await your reply.

No, sorry, I don’t know of any such device, that is why I made the post.

These days, you’ll probably want to cobble something together with some Wi-Fi enabled microcontroller that can implement the Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire bus interface, sample some sensors and then ship off the readings to Home Assistant.

In the DIY space, there are two software stacks that I’ve used that seem popular:

The “Tasmota” firmware that runs on ESP8266-based devices of all shapes and variations. You can connect the 1-wire bus interface to a GPIO pin and it knows how to read (at least) DS18B12 temperature sensors… Tasmota firmware is something you can download and re-flash onto the microcontroller and then use a web GUI to configure and customize the configuration.

There’s also ESPHome project which is quite the hotness lately for building custom firmware images very easily. It can target both ESP8266 and ESP32 based microcontrollers, each of which are pretty inexpensive. The ESP32 is somewhat more powerful, and probably your first choice if you wanted to build something from scratch. ESPHome can talk to Dallas 1-wire temperature sensors.

Both of these types of solutions are pretty inexpensive ($15-$30?) but require some amount of DIY investment. There are some industrial 1-wire bus products out there that connect to ethernets, but will probably be more work to integrate with Home Assistant. I have one from years ago (a HA7Net adapter, but had to hack up a python script to bang against the REST-like API and publish readings to MQTT. It works, but I’m not sure that’s the right answer these days… and it is a little pricey at around $175, which is a bit on the high-side for what it does.

If you’re also interesting in monitoring your power usage, this Brultech Green-Eye Monitor product in addition to connecting to 32 current transformers can also talk a 1-wire bus interface to temperature sensors. I have one of these for power monitoring and am really happy with it. But I’m not using it for 1-wire sensors, so can’t say for sure how well the Home Assistant component but apparently there’s out-of-the-box support for temperature sensors. It’s also pretty pricey, though a good value solution for monitoring a bunch of power usage. And you’d get the 1-wire stuff “for free” :slight_smile:

Almost certainly I’ve created more questions than I’ve answered; you’re welcome!