10-15 min to restart

I am new here and new with homeasistant. I do not have much knowledge. I read everything I can but I can not find a solution to this.
Sorry for my English but he helped me as a translator.

I started installing the so hassios, in a raspberry 2b, following this tutorial. https://www.juanmtech.com/home-assistant-hassos-beginners-guide/

Everything went well, I had a problem that when I configured duckdns, I no longer asked to enter the system, and it was just to put https, at the start of the browser. After this i start configuring litle things.

My biggest problem is when I reboot, it takes about 10-15 minutes, I do the reboots from hass.io / system reboot.

After 15 minutes, it starts well but any change in the files is exasperating.

If it works, after 2-3 minutes of restarting I see that it connects to the network, and after a while it also activates ssh.

If I can provide some information, tell me what.
I do not know if it’s worth reinstalling everything and starting from 0.

My PI3B+ usually takes 3-5 minutes to restart, so 10 minutes on a PI2 does not surprise me. Minor changes can usually be accomplished with a quick configuration check and then a reload of core and group files. They don’t take as much time. Other than that, just double check your modifications before you restart so to keep the frustration level down.

10 minutes on a Pi2 is a miracle!

You could always run on some older PC hardware for more speed. I have mine running on an old Xeon box from 4 yrs ago or so with about 15-20 other docker containers. Takes HomeAssistant about 5-10 seconds for a complete restart.

You don’t need to reboot so often? You should only be restarting home assistant most of the time, which is in configuration > general.

Thanks for the answers.

I can see that it’s normal the time with raspberry 2b, i think was anormal 15min…

And for another, that I’m wrong with how to restart after making changes in configaration.yaml, or other .yaml

The correct way is to recharge core and groups etc …? or is it to restart managing the server?

Another query is, if I change to raspberry 3, I install everything, and then I copy all the .yaml files, everything will work like now or is not that easy?

Thank you for the help.

try to access with ssh and do
docker restart homeassistant

If you change pretty much anything in config yaml you need to restart home assistant… configuration>restart server… don’t reboot.

You can use reload core if the only changes you made are under homeassistant: (which is not much in your config yaml)

Hassio/HassOS is just super slow. With Z-wave even worse. So i stopped using it.
Use Hassbian instead on Pi3 10 times faster. Or better use some more powerful hardware.

Now I use docker on Synology NAS. A reboot takes 6-8 sec.