100% Local Home Assistant (No Cloud)

Hello All,
I am trying to setup of Home Assistant in a Foreign country where Data Rate is very expensive, thus trying to configure a 100% cloudless configuration; at least 99%.

Here’s what I am trying to achieve:

  1. Controls: Switches, Outlets, sensors, Hubs, Lights, Blinds
  2. Media: switches, Remotes, input/Output video selectors, wireless Audio speakers,
  3. Climate: sensors, AC Units,
  4. Security: Alarm, sensors, locks,

I am aware some sensors can server dual purpose.


HA doesn’t require the cloud to run if the devices are natively supported (or have a local API). You still need internet access to update HA and its components from time to time unless you are prepared to do it manually.

So what help are you looking for?

Z-wave and Zigbee are always going to be cloudless. Some WiFi devices have local APIs (you need to research each device). Matter is eventually going to be release which will be essential operations local but some might be cloud (no Matter devices released yet).

For WiFi: Shelly devices can be completely controlled locally.
I have a local weather station (uploads data to cloud, but not required): Weather Flow Tempest
My air quality sensor has a local API and I upload data to the cloud for this also, but again is not required.

My lights are a mix of Zigbee and Zwave, I just removed a few weeks ago my last cloud dependent light switch and replaced it with Zwave.

There is no shortage of devices regardless of the route you choose. I would recommend searching the forum here for cloudless or local control.

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Check out ESPHome. It works over WiFi and is completely local. I replaced a bunch of tp-link ‘smart’ plugs after they decided to remove local API access on their device (I know they went back on their decision since, but it was too late for me). I bought a couple of Sonoff S31 plugs which i flashed ESPHome on them.

If you are not comfortable with opening the device and flashing it, i know you can buy switchs pre-flashed with ESPHome.

As for climate control, there is a IR remote control component in ESPHome. All you need is an IR LED connected to a ESP8266 board (d1-mini). It works quite well.

What is your question? There are multiple local solutions for what you want to accomplish. You can check the integration page on the home assistant website for that.

Also, every integration states its IoT class, which tells you how the integration communicates with the device (push/pull, cloud/local). Via that, you can then find the devices (brands) that suit you.

Generally speaking, ESPHome (as mentioned) if you want to build (or in some cases flash existing devices) or Tasmota (for devices you can flash). This is for WiFi devices. I don’t own Zigbee or ZWave devices, so can’t speak for those, but from what I’ve read many are locally controllable.

It’s not a simple question to answer, because the answer will also depend on what’s available in your territory or what can be imported.

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Definitely, will connect to update maybe once a month. What I am looking for is hardware to accomplish the above 4 categories that won’t require the cloud. For security I am not looking for remote notification on premise only trigger and alert. I can design and configure a local intranet with 1gig back-haul and get some high end routers and repeater for good WiFi coverage on the property.

  1. Zwave and Zigbee: I have been looking at these and currently have some I am testing
  2. Fir WiFi Shelly. Didn’t know what Shelly was, but been looking into now. Got somewhat confused when I see them pushing the “best cloud in the world” But I will keep reading. Also, I am really not big on weather forcast in HA. If I can get a sensor that capture outside temperature and tell my AC to adjust. I am good.
  3. My Light: that’s the dream
  4. I believe so, but I could not find them easily on here. If was from another that I got the idea to buy the zigbee dongle and sensors to start testing.

1: IoT Class: I understand that paragraph. But didn’t quite understand where or how do I get that info (IoT Class)
2: ESPHome: definitely I will have to go the already flashed route… Will it too much to ask for what you currently have and functions?
3. Available & Import: Everything will be sourced from the USA and there’s no import restriction to the destination country. Budget wise, 25% above average for quality.

Go to any integration and look at the top right on that page.