107 upgrade

i upgrade the home assistant version to 107.7 version. And now i can"t access any more to home assistant :

I tried :

  • remove data
  • remove data and cache
  • remove application
  • install beta

nothing works.

The issue is only with the application.
Chrome on window or on my android phone is OK.

Any idéa ?


Hey Maxime,
I had a similar problem (automations, ssh, samba working), but no access to HA. Did you try to restart HA and/or host?

Yes of course.
I fix my issue by add http -> https redirection on my reverseProxy …
i really don’t know why ha app use http instead of https

The HA app is really more for basic users who are not using reverse proxy for some of these things. As you handle the redirection in the reverse proxy you will want to do that there. The app will not handle it.

I’m facing the issue since the update to 107.7 two days ago that the app has serious problems with performance. Sometimes a certain tab freezes. Often I can watch how the components are loaded. I use custom header and 4 other plug-ins. This problem never appeared before.
HA app is running on a huawei media pad 5.