113.2 - Blink intergration problem

I upgraded to 113.2 and now get “Entity not available” error messages on my batteries and temps.
Trying to go to the Blink integration - if I click on “Options” I get a message (see attached)

Not sure what to do to reset or work around this problem.
Any help appreciated.

Try clicking on more, uninstall, and reinstall?

Went ahead and tried that… Now it is returning “Invalid Authentication”.
I am 100% credentials are good but changed pw just to make sure and logged in via the Blink app successfully however still getting the error.
Used the same credentials to enable Alexa skill.

Blink changed some of the URL endpoints. @fronzbot has been working on fixing that and getting approval to include those changes in a future HA release.

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As @cmdrake said, Blink changed their API. Fix is already in the 0.114 beta so you can install that or wait for official release next week

Does 0.114 include support for owls?

If by owls you mean Blink Mini cameras, then yes. I know the API lists the mini cameras at the owls endpoint but I’m not sure if that encompasses other products (maybe you know?)

Sorry, I have no idea. I just remembered the name from earlier testing of your module.

Do you have a donation/buy-kevin-a-beer button hidden somewhere on your github?



@fronzbot :beer:

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Much appreciated :blush:

Ah, thanks!
I’ll wait for 114.0 next week.
Glad I was not going mad or being stupid.
Thanks again.

Big thanks to Kevin for adding support for Blink Mini!

I’m now running 144 beta, and have limited success with blink mini camera.

blink.trigger_camera works fine (image is updated in blink app).

however after doing:

    - service: blink.blink_update
    - service: camera.snapshot
        entity_id: camera.blink_xxx
        filename: /share/blink/1.jpg

I’m always getting an old image from the camera. (It is never getting updated, no matter how many times I call blink.trigger_camera/blink.update).

If I restart HASS however, the image is updates.

Any troubleshooting suggestions?

Two things:

  1. Make sure there is a delay between the trigger_camera call and blink_update (10s is safe, 5s is about as fast as you want to go)

  2. Add a similar delay between blink_update and camera_snapshot

Adding those delays in there should fix the issue. Let me know if it does not

Hi Kevin,

I increased the delay to 15s just to make sure this is not the issue:

    - service: blink.trigger_camera
        entity_id: camera.blink_pirita
    - delay: 00:00:15
    - service: blink.blink_update
    - delay: 00:00:15
    - service: camera.snapshot
        entity_id: camera.blink_pirita
        filename: /share/blink/pirita/pirita_camera_still_image.jpg  # where you want to store still image
    - delay: 00:00:15
    - service: camera.snapshot
        entity_id: camera.blink_pirita
        filename: /share/blink/pirita/pirita_camera_{{ now().strftime("%Y-%m-%d--%H-%M-%S")}}.jpg

Camera is triggered (iOS blink app shows an updated image), however camera.snapshot image stays the same, until I restart HASS.

Logs show no error messages.

I can enable debug logs (if there is an option to do that). I can also provide you credentials to my blink account for troubleshooting.

114.0 loaded and all working again.
Worth the small wait.

Unfortunately, the problem with camera.snashot images not being updated persist in the 116.0 release.

Do you have any plans to try troubleshooting the problem?

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I have a possible solution implemented in the library, I just havent had time to get it into home assistant to test it yet