12 CH Tuya WiFi/Zigbee Smart Switch But only 8 in HA

Hi all, maybe someone would help me. I have buyed on aliexpress this element with 12 relays zigbee. All work fine and the element is connected with my account in tuya. I can see all 12 switchs in tuya app and tuya platform. But Home assistant see only 8 of 12 switches.

i have tried to reload in HA all tuya devices but always HA see only 8 switches. Someone have some idea how to resolve?


If you use a Zigbee dongle and Zigbee2MQTT, all 12 will be visible.

can you explain me better? i have a zigbee router at home, but you tell me to connect a HA also a dongle zigbee? could you show some example?

By the looks at it, you are using a tuya zigbee router connected to the tuya integration. Use a Zigbee dongle and Zigbee2MQTT

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only to a quickly clarification, i have already a router zigbee at home, if i want manage my already existing devices from this dongle i need reset all device or it is possibile connect my actual router to this dongle without lose any atualc onfiguration?

example of connections:

net today
myRouter->3 gags switches
myRouter->2 gags switches
myRouter->Lamp 1

myRouter->3 gags switches 1
myRouter->2 gags switches 2
myRouter->Lamp 1
Dongle-> myRouter->3 gags switches 1

Dongle see all my devices connected in myRouter or see only the new and i from HA can manage new + old?

dongle → myrouter
dongle → 3 gags switches

assuming you have the terminology correct and your router is a router and not a coordinator