1CH WiFi Curtain Module CB2S unsupported

Good evening,

I have bought the blinds switch called “1CH WiFi Curtain Module CB2S.” When I connect it to the Tuya app, it connects without any issues.
However, in Home Assistant, it shows as “unsupported.” Is there anything that I can do to make the controller work in Home Assistant?

Hello same problem here with :

1CH Wi-Fi Curtain Module (unsupported)

Do you finded an solution ?

I experience the same problem. The device works with Google Home and other assistants but shows as unsupported in Home Assistant.
I found integration: Tuya / 1CH WiFi Curtain Module CB2S unsupported · Issue #103491 · home-assistant/core · GitHub but there seems no action so far.

Same here. Any Clue anyone? Or is there already a workaround?

i have the same problem and found this page