1m LED strip - zigbee2mqtt


I’m looking for a 1m LED strip. The Philips Hue one is nice but the base model is 2m, which is too long for what we want to do.
Does anyone know about a 1m LED strip, preferably not wifi ? We use zigbee, not opposed to buying the controller separately if needed.


Usually on the LED strip lights you can just cut them to whatever length you need. There’s usually indications every 3 less where it’s designed to be cut. You could use a zigbee controller like Phillips Hue, but you probably get a better bang for your buck with a WiFi device. Just search Amazon for ‘WiFi led strip’ and you’ll get several results that run Tuya. You could also load it with an alternative firmware (Tasmota/ ESPhome) if you so desired. I have several of the WiFi based controllers around my house, never had a problem with them.

Just re-read your comment about non WiFi based, ignore my suggestion.

Have a look at this article. I’m using the Gledopto controller with an RGB-CCT strip.

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That looks pretty good, just ordered the same ! The LED strips themselves are really cheap so I got a 5m one, and I’ll cut it in strips of 1m and attach those controllers to it.
We’ll see how the result looks once I receive all of that, but thanks !