2.0 beta and reverse proxy (apache+mod_auth_openidc) *almost* works

Tried using 2.0 beta app with my setup (apache+mod_auth_openidc reverse proxy in front of HA).
It goes to the point where HA asks for user (I’m using trusted network auth privider there), but after that it makes a POST to “/auth/token” but for some reason cookie issued by reverse proxy is missing, which causes request to fail.

1.5.1 includes the cookie and works.

In the log:

1.5.1: “POST /auth/token HTTP/2.0” 200 234 “-” “Home Assistant/1.5.1 (io.robbie.HomeAssistant; buil
d:4; iOS 12.2.0) Alamofire/4.7.3” auth=95f586c1-1e7d-e911-9998-e069955717cd

2.0 beta: “POST /auth/token HTTP/2.0” 302 385 “-” "Home Assistant " auth=-

Notice the “auth=” which displays the cookie used by mod_auth_openidc.

I’m current perfectly happy with 1.5.1, but it would be nice to be able to use new version also when it comes out.