2.4ghz dedicated wifi network

While I have a great wifi network in my house, if I move out I want to have a network I can leave behind for all the automations ( a new buyer would wonder why nothing in the house worked if I just took my wifi gear with me!!)

I want to therefore add a completely dedicated home automation wifi network. It just needs to be 2.4ghz throughout the house.

I want this to have full coverage but be cheap… I have seen some Hive equipment on EBay that looks like you can program it to not be cloud dependant…

Open to ideas on how best to do this… think disconnected 2.4GHz only network.


In what way are your current Wifi, cloud depended ?

You could start with plugg out your Wan cable from Your router, that way you/could start with configuring HA, and your external devices, ie disable services/tasks like auto-update, Google/Alexa etc. etc.

If you’re using cloud-based hardware I don’t see how anything would continue to work as it’s probably all setup on your account, you would have to give up that account or recreate it.

While home automation is becoming more accepted thanks to the likes of Alexa and Google Assistant, do the new people moving in a favor and just remove the automation you have in place.

Odds are that while you like how you have your automation setup, most will probably want to set up automation their way (barring they want to even use automation).

I would need to know more about your current automation to provide a better answer though. I see your username is ESP so if I’m assuming you’re using devices based on the ESP32 chipset that are using local wi-fi interfaces, that would make life easier.

Used devices that run openwrt should be floating around for $10-20 if you only need 2.4GHz :signal_strength:


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I think he doesn’t really mean that, or really doesn’t have the full “picture” on how his devices communicates through-out. Beside recommending (or asking for ) cheap-full-coverage equipment based on NON area-premises specifics/ nor hardware/devices/features/automatons specifics etc etc … is kind of like beginning in the wrong end of the “scope”

No, you don’t. Wifi is not an infrastructure service a buyer should ever expect as part of a home purchase. Also most realtors currently advise disabling smart features before you show a property.

I can understand a desire to have a solid solution for your own stuff while you own or otherwise occupy your home… but design for your use case. You won’t leave a wifi network behind.

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But he could, if a buyer found it interesting" thou hardly anything that will “lift” the price ( unless he throw in lifetime support on automation-system) :slight_smile: , Wired(options) through-out the house, might be more interesting for a buyer, in terms of “infrastructure”

Where I live your are responsible for anything shown in the home to work as advertised after the sale and if it doesn’t - you may be monitarily or otherwise responsible to the buyer for getting it working.

I don’t know about you but I’ve never met any (even Cisco, enterprise grade stuff) that I would feel comfortable leaving behind, operating, confident that the first time the wifi faltered they were not coming back to say it didn’t work…

Nope. Not happening. If you want to feel free but I STRONGLY recommend that you don’t leave that kind of stuff behind.

If they find it ‘interesting’ I’ll show them where to buy thier own.

My current plan for selling my home (hopefully a long time from now) includes turning off all wall tablets and the wifi, and pausing all automation. If the home is subsequently sold then id factory reset all zigbee and exclude all ZWave. And take the current HA box and gear. I’d leave behind a new odroid in box with a new in box ZWave /zigbee /thread / whatever coordinator stick with a package including all the instructions for any leave behind gear with a sticker on the page with network join instructions and sell as ‘smart home ready’

I think you misunderstood me, i can assure you i wouldn’t “leave” behind (personal-accounts) nor guaranty anything related to WIFI, nor automation i have made, in HA, phone-APPs etc , AND i won’t even accept that a buyer expect me to guaranty for my “NIBE - air-return-heater” , Owen, fridge etc. will function the day after i close the door … for what i believe anyone can “ditch” something/anything within a second, and claim ( it never worked )
And leaving a “WIFI” network behind claiming “it works” is as we all know(i guess) , like the Commercial " It Works For Me ! "

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Ok I think I need to clarify a few points:

1 - all my devices and automations are not cloud dependent (or at least can operate independently)

2 - “he shouldn’t leave his wifi behind” well actually yes that is exactly what I am trying to configure. I have a solid Cisco Meraki setup today with NGen firewalls and access points which I would not leave behind, but given all my switches and lightbulbs are wifi operated, the creation of a separate “infrastructure” wlan, independent of everything else makes absolute sense. If I left the house I would leave the new owner bewildered. And while I have solid documentation, not everyone is a home automation nerd.

3 - based on the points above I therefore want to scatter a roamable cheap 2.4ghz wifi throughout the house which is seperate, purely for local smart devices and will live just like the plumbing of the house.

Thanks Orange-Assistant for the wrt pointer.

Still, what should one base the !equipment upon “cheap 2.4ghz wifi throughout the house” that’s just so lame a description, wooden-house ? concrete bunker ? 50sqm ? 1 floor?, 3 floor/600sqm ? 20/60/80 devices ? some other Devices/equipment on the 2.4ghz( or possible interference the very same), etc. etc. what advises do you expect to get when asking “cheap 2.4ghz wifi throughout the house”

Geez mate - this is the internet so I will go with the benefit of the doubt and suggest the “lame description” comment was just a poor choice of words for seeking further clarification on my question :wink:

I mentioned roaming wifi therefore multi base station so wooden/concrete/size doesn’t matter as I would put in multiple APs as required throughout the property for coverage either wired or mesh system if possible. I am looking for ideas like “second hand xyz APs can are found for $X each and can be re-flashed with xyz open source firmware to achieve the outcome”… I am not looking to break the bank on a basic iot infra wlan.

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I admit, it was …