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Dear Community,

Please help me with the following issue. I have used a Conbee II with the recommended HASSIO add-on container, all works as a charm.

I have a secondary location, what is out of range for zigbee. I decided to install a pi there with raspbian and the docker container version of Deconz with a secondary conbee II.

The PI is connected to the HASSIO host computer (ubuntu x86 with docker) via routed VPN). My MQTT connections are working like a charm through the connection.

When I am trying to add the second DeCONZ as an integration, an error is occuring. “Unknown error occurred”. App authentication is on, network is working.


Is it possible to connect two DeCONZ instances to the same HASSIO instance? If yes, how? I bought the second conbee II for this reason only…

Do I need to route any specific package type or something for this to work?

Thank you!


This is not possible to my knowledge, and for the best results you shouldn’t do this. Is the other deconz stick on another location? Or just out of range? If it is the latter you can solve this with range extenders or lightbulbs (that work as a router).

If it is in another location entirely the only thing I can think of is installing a separate HA on that location, pair your conbee with that HA instance and then use the HA REST API to exchange data between the two Home Assistant instances.

It is supported

Even if it is, it is not a good idea having two of those sticks in the same environment as they might interfere with each other. It is better to use range extenders (which are relatively cheap at IKEA)

Dear Jimz,

Thank you for your answer. They are different locations (different country in fact). I will move one day, I want to keep only one instance of HAssio, so I dont need to rebuild later.

So till then, I have VPN set up between the two locations. I am bulding this apartment, so it will be “smart” from the beginning. Thats the reason I am looking for a solution to operate over VPN.

Ah, ok. That is what I thought. Well solution 2 will be the most viable. The problem with a vpn is (at least usually or in the default configuration) that they do not live in the same ip range or sometimes not even on the same subnet. This makes discovering devices impossible. However if you have the ability to connect your entire network through that same vpn you might be able to get away with it. Though that might be a serious security risk.

I will advise you to just put up a second HA instance on the other location just for deconz. And exchange data between them through the REST API.

I managed today via the routed VPN.
Thanks to @Robban for the tip!!

I have added my first deconz once again. Then I edited .storage/core.config_entries, where the integration configuration info is stored. I inserted the data for the second Deconz, running behind the VPN.

I created an API key and gathered the necessary info following these:


Works like a charm! Thank you guys!

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I tried to do a similar solution but where I’m only using the deconz on one HA installation, but make it possible to develop on the second HA.

Is it possible to use the official addon with an external deconz-installation?

The add-on is if you run everything in Home Assistant, if you want a standalone deconz installation you either install it directly as an application or there is the community docker image by Marthoc

And yes you can have multiple hass installations pair to the same deconz as well. I use this daily as I continue to evolve the integration.