2 exactly the same tuya smart plugs (TS0121) with different behavior in deconz


I’m running a PI4 with deConz as Zigbee interface. I already have a lot of Zigbee devices and I was in need of a router because some of my sensors have connection issues.

I received 2 exactly the same TS0121 smart plugs which I could add without issue using the phoscon app: “add new light”.
This all went without any issue. In HA both are identified as “TS0121 by _TZ3000_rdtixbnu”.

I’m perfectly capable of switching both devices from HA.

What I noticed is that HA created 2 extra entities (regarding power consumption) for only one of the devices.
However, the 2nd device only has the switch capability, no extra measurement sensors have been created regarding power consumption measurement.

I already removed the 2nd device in phoscon and HA and tried reconnecting it: Exactly the same results…

Could it be possible that the 2nd switch needs a firmware update? Is there a way to check fw version of the Zigbee switches?
Any ideas on how I could debug this?


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Rebooting HA usually does the trick when not all entities are added at first.

Nope, didn’t help.
Since installation, I restarted HA about 10 times.
But thanks for your support @Goldwing !

i have the same issues. first i thought its a hardware fault, but im not the only one :wink:

I have the same issue I have one TS0121 configured with conbeeII it works as switch but no power measurement and the ontime does not respect the specification , so I’m wondering if there is some way to get the firmware.

in my case I see model TS0121 ad manufactory _TYZB01_iuepbmpv , application version is 67