2 gang dimmer with zigbee bridge

Hey all,

From another post I came across the excellent zigbee blackadder site and will be using to buy all the devices for my new smart home with the confidence that everything will work. However I’ve become stuck looking for a 2 gang smart dimmer that will work with ZHA. I have a tasmota flashed sonoff zigbee bridge. This is so that I can have two switches at the top and bottom of the stairs that do landing lights upstairs and downstairs. The plan is to turn on dimmed lights at night via a PIR sensor and then setup the 2 gang switches so they turn on the relevant lights full power.

I’ve found this one and this one, but I’m not sure how to tell if they are compatible with my bridge or not? I don’t want to use Tuya.

Just wondering if:

  1. Somebody could explain how to tell if a piece of hardware will work with the setup or,
  2. recommend a suitable solution

Thanks a lot. As this is my first post a quick general shoutout to all the brilliant posters on here. I’ve not had to register before now as I’ve answered almost every question by finding old answers - great quality content!