2 Gang Sonoff switch configuration

If I buy a 2 Gang SONOFF switch,can I have one light wired (N/L) to the switch and then the other button used for Zigbee strip lights (not wired)?

2 Gang Switch

Yes you can trigger an automation on the state of the second switch and then use the actions to control your light strip.

Thanks Tom! As a newbee getting into the world of HASS is there a document, video or forum I can follow for this automation/action.

Don’t worry I’ve got the Zigbee aspect sorted to discover devices.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by “not wired” ?Do you mean that you’d like second output to be “dry” (that’s without 110/230V)? If so then you’d need to modify board or add a relay between sonoff and light strip. By default both channels output live voltage when active.

I’m pretty sure they mean detached mode.

  platform: state
  entity_id: switch.sonoff_gang_2
  service: "light.turn_{{trigger.to_state.state}}"
  entity_id: light.zigbee_strip

Yes I think I mean detached mode, what is detached mode. So the first button would be wired (Line Out 1) to light bulbs.

The second button I would want to control my Zigbee light strip in the recessed ceiling but this wouldn’t be wired to the switch.

Quite simple in theory. I’m guessing with any of this I need to have SonosLAN by Alexx IT intergrated.

Just to confirm this is the switch (2 gang):

The automation I posted will do what you want.

What yaml file does this text get inserted into?

It is an automation. And it requires more than just the trigger and action. That was only the important parts needed to meet your requirements.

Thanks Tom really appreciate the feedback. Would Zigbee switches be the solution to my problem?