2 home assistant in home

I am wondering if I can install a second home assistant in my home in a second machine in a separate network but using the same zigbee devices with different deconz (mostly my aqara sensors).
So if I have 10 aqara sensors in 2 different instances of home assistant will the also work separately?

Nothing wrong with having 2 instances running but pretty certain you can’t have two zigbee controllers controlling the same devices.

Why would you want to do that? As a failover?

If you use zigbee2mqtt for example you could have both HA instances subscribe on the mqtt broker to get the info on the devices.

I would like to use the sensors as independent alarm system. For example in case that I have a power cut and no internet etc I would like to have a gprs network available for the 2nd HA instance and be able to receive notifications etc when I am out of home.
So in order to work I need to install separate sensors too?

Didn’t know that. So it can work with the same sensors. One more question out of curiocity
Can I use deconz in the first ha zigbee2mqtt in the second one?

This may be of use for you GitHub - custom-components/remote_homeassistant: Links multiple home-assistant instances together

Do you have a UPS for the second HA instance with GPRS network? Otherwise this will not help you as the second device will also be without power.

Currently DeCONZ doesn’t support ZigBee2MQTT but it is in the works. If you have ZigBee2MQTT, the ZigBee devices will report their status and be controlled through MQTT, you then just connect both HA instances to the same MQTT broker.

Yes I planning to install a ups.

I will read the documents thanks

May I ask one more question?
Right now HA is connected to my local network.if local network isn’t available (no internet) is there a way to force HA to connect to a second one? My gprs for example?

Do you mean local network not available or no internet available, because that’s not the same.

I have a router (Ubiquity USG) with two ports, I could theoretically add a GPRS stick or something similar on the second port and my network would automatically fallback to this port if the internet goes down.

I have a fibre and a cellular connection to my router. It switches over to the cellular network if the fibre is down. You could do the same with GPRS.

Thanks both

I think that my router has this ability. But as I understand this is the only way. I couldn’t implement this for example with a mobile hotspot, is that right?

The problem with cellular carriers is that they all use CGNAT. Meaning you will get notifications but will not be able to use duckDNS to log in and check. Nabu Casa should work.

Sorry for my ignorance, but in which type of connection are you referring? With the stick on the router?

Using a cellular modem connected to a router.

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