2 hue bridges + emulated hue + my questions

Im sure thers a simple solution I just cant think of right now…I just added a second hue bridge after getting a lot of performance issues with hue once I hit 44 bulbs and 5 sensors. Ive got it all setup the way I want, i wasnt aware that alexa can not control 2 hubs. I guess a recent software update killed that. No worries, I just added the rooms and groups I wanted setup to emulated hue. Now for the part Im having trouble figuring out…The second hub is basically my basement lights and the hub that is not connected to alexa. I added 4 rooms, bar / home theater / pool table / game room. They work great no issues. I would like to create a group that includes all of the rooms so I can just say turn off basement lights and it hits all of em. Ive tried scene but doesnt turn them off. So i added a input boolean, which also isnt working…if some lights are on and that boolean is already swiped left then it doesnt work. As im typing this i had a thought, what about a script? i would have to create two scripts though… that just use homeassistant.turn_on and include all room entities…and one that includes homeassistant.turn_off.

Is there a good way to do this im just not thinking of?

I had one more question just pop in my head Im hoping someone may be able to shed some light on…

Using emulated hue I believe but not sure that each exposed entity actually takes up 1 “light” on the bridge. If that is true is it possible to tell emulated hue which bridge to use? I have about 10 things exposed right now, mainly scripts for different things like tts to tell someone there gonna get that but whooped in pool, turn some music on downstairs, and turn all the right lights on lol. you know, important stuff.