2 pipe system fan coil thermostat


i’m looking for a 2 pipe system fan coil thermostat.
I currently have a MIDEA system with the following thermostat:

I found Fan Coil Thermostat - Heatmiser neoStat-HC
hysen Central Air Conditioning 3 Speed FCU WIFI Thermostat

Unfortunately Hysen is shipping from China and will take forever + unknown customs and they mention that the integration is broken.

The heatmiser one needs a hub as well (which I’m not really hyped about having something extra for 3 fan coil controllers only) and it seems that there isn’t a home assistant integration either.

Does anyone have a product that they are currently using and know that it works with home assistant and google assistant?

For anyone interested I bought this:

Wifi Central Air Conditioning Smart Thermostat Fan Coil Cooling Heating Temperature Remote Control Voice Control Thermostat: Amazon.de: Baumarkt

It works with my fan coils. The problem now is to get it to work with Home Assistant…
Anyone that has any information please let me know…

So we can mark this as closed.

FYI: I used Tuya and Smart Life.
Initially the instructions said to use Smart RM but this is not supported apparented by Tuya integration. The tweak that I had to do was to go to the settings and change the divider to 10 as initially my temperature was reported for example as 255 C instead of 25.5 C

I picked up the thermostat you suggested and integrated it into the home assistant. the problem, that in the tuya app I can manage everything, heat, cold, speed, temperature, in the home assistant, instead only temperature and on off., how did you solve it ???

Are you using a thermostat card?
Because if you are not using a thermostat card you will not be getting those controls.
Here it is how it looks for me:


Also I had to go into Tuya integration and select the devices to configure. Then I configured them like below:

The reason for the above was because it would display:
265 C instead of 26.5 C
It’s pure a display issue and you probably need to configure it also if you are using F instead of C.

Yes. i am using thermostat board, but as i see, you also don’t have all the controls. I would like to be able to adjust the speeds, the cooling or heating mode, etc.

Oh I see what you mean.
Yes - it seems Tuya has only Auto and Off modes.
That’s how I use it - I have 2 pipe system - not 4 pipe to have it automatically switch between hot/cold.

it would have been very good to be able to manage all the thermostat functions in the home assistant

You can do it by flashing a new firmware https://github.com/fashberg/WThermostatBeca/blob/6b9395a381742300abf3a2cb336e71f48eb747b5/Flashing.md

Than you can add it to Home assistant with MQTT

There is new integration now. I have 2-pipe system so it switches now pretty much to Heat/Cool.
I don’t know if someone has configured it with 4-pipe - if the new integration will have more options.