(2) Pi's one network

I am trying to setup (2) Pi’s running Hassio on (1) network . Is that possible? I want to setup Pi - 1 to be the running Pi and Pi-2 used to test environment running as config as Pi-1 but for testing when updates come out so I do not have so many problems with automation and so-forth. But I guess the bigger question is how do you run (2) Pi’s on (1) network and still have access to configure via configuator, nodered, and how do you setup port forwarding for both?

Plug them in and they will work.

They each will run their own instances of those apps.

Port forwarding will work with literally any port. You can’t expose the same port for both systems on the router, but each one can be running on the default port INSIDE your network. On your router you would select a DIFFERENT port on the EXTERNAL side for ONE of your devices.

If you forward 8123 for HassioA, then forward literally any port you want for HassioB (keep it simple like 8124).

But if you are asking how to forward, are you sure you should be exposing these to the internet?


Ok don’t beat me up too bad. If I am not exposing my Pi to the internet I don’t need to do any port forwarding?

Node-Red port 1880
Configurator port 3128
Hassio 8123

I thought I had to forward these in my Router?

Correct. Port forwarding is only necessary if you wish to access these services from outside your home network.

Port forwarding exposes your HA instance to all the evils of the internet, so don’t do it unless you absolutely have to.

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The ONLY reason you would forward those is to access them from the internet. I don’t recommend it until you understand the consequences.

So if I use homeassistant cloud I would need to keep port 80 forwarded. Correct? That way I can use hassio with my google home app.

If you use HA Cloud, you don’t forward any port. That’s one of the reasons Cloud exists. Even if you had to forward a port, it wouldn’t be port 80, that’s insecure.

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Ok education lesson today…101 no port forwarding. Thanks. How do I setup separate ports for separate instances for hassio:
HassioA -
HassioB -

I tried this from the components page with no success

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  api_password: YOUR_PASSWORD
  server_port: 8124

I want to be able to have (2) separate file structures that I can access from Samba share.

You can have as many instances of Home Assistant running on your network as you want. In fact I have a combination of four: two running hassio and two running hassbian. Two on raspberry pi’s and two in virtual machines running hassio. One of them is the main one. I use the same standard configuration across the environment, the obvious exceptions are the USB dongles ( they are physically attached to the host that uses them). Naturally speaking the IP addresses are different, but the ports can be exactly the same.

My problem is when I change my config.yaml in it also changes config.yaml in

you don’t need to at all.

You can. I don’t understand the problem. Just do NOT use the ‘hassio.local’ address and manually go to the IP address of the hassio you want to edit.

I am not using hassio.local I am manually going to the ip address and going to configurator and modifying the config.yaml file and when I go to ip address the config.yaml file has been change and matches the config.yaml file

There’s your problem.

Configurator uses hassio.local. Stop using the crutch and edit the file yourself.

Sorry to be a little slow but thanks for all your help. I had in setup samba share to access the 2nd Pi via ip.