2 separate HA instances, both stopped at ~12:01 (EST) today

Both my own supervised home assistant instance and my friend’s instance stopped today at ~noon (We are on EST timezone).

just now, over 6 hours later, a simple ha core start resumed the system’s operation.

Anyone experienced anything like this?

Ahh Supervised installs…


Why are you using this install method?

You would be better off with a Container install or even HAOS in a VM.

I assume you want to run other programs not available as add-ons, in which case you can run up another Linux VM to do that.

I’m asking about a technical issue, and seeking others in the community who might have encountered a similar issue, and you are responding with a philiosphy question.
I undetsand that it’s different than the VM.

At this point, this is what I’m running and what I’m asking help with.

If we’re discussing philiosophy of ‘better off’, why not pay someone else to manage my system - it’s a different approach to ‘better off’.

I chose supervised for the reason that supervised exists, and have been running it rather successfully for years now. Had seen strange things with it as well, everytime managed to either resovle it or found solutions in the realm of the community here or in github.

This one was bizzare because 2 systems, on completely different networks, yet, both died at the same exact time.

I’m wondering whether someone else saw their system suddenly die on this particular time and date.

I’ll wait another day or two for actual answers, and if not, I’ll just close or delete this thread.