2 small requests for this website

I have a couple of things that really annoy me about this website that if others feel the same they could be addressed:

  1. Change the favicon so it’s not exactly the same as home assistant. When working on my config I oftern have multiple tabs open. Many pages on this forum open, and a couple to my instance of homeassistant, Switching between tabs is pot luck as I have to guess which tab is my instance of HA, and which are forum pages I have open. Even a subtle change of colour would really help.

  2. Please stop hi-jacking key presses - specifically ctrl-f. When I use ctrl-f I want to use the browser search function, not the forum search, which is always right there one click away at the top of the page. By hijacking the keys I now have to mouse about and click more times to search.

Anybody agree with me or am I alone in these frustrations?


Yes I agree, both of these seem reasonable.
Especially hijacking the Ctrl-F which is very annoying.

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Yep. Very annoying bit I guess it’s discourse doing this…

I use Firefox on a windows box (mostly) to view the site. And ctl+f work as expected.
I tried Chrome and MS Edge, both work as well.

No opinion on the favicon.

Press ctrl-f twice, you’ll get the browser search!

I agree on the favicon!


I agree on all though I always have my local instances running on the 3 most left tabs, so less guesswork

There is a favicon changer for HA https://github.com/thomasloven/hass-favicon

Totally agree on both, but especially the favicon.
The default favicon should be different. How many times I’ve had to switch tabs is uncountable :wink:

Hang on… has this been changed already?

I went to try

and Ctrl-f (once) now seems to be using the browser search.

Or is there something weirder going on?

It’s a conspiracy ! :male_detective:

Yeah something changed.

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1 down, 1 to go!

Thanks to whoever made ctrl-f work as the browser intended :slight_smile:

Change the favicon so it’s not exactly the same as home assistant. When working on my config I oftern have multiple tabs open…

Goodness yes. I current have a dozen tabs open all with the same icon and it’s ungodly confusing. Having to mess around with HA config to change the icon doesn’t seem like a reasonable solution.

Then your suggestion is?

Me? Just a different colour/shaped favicon.

And when the website would have a different icon you would have a dozen tabs open with 2 different icons.

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Well you have a solution.