2 states Passive Switch looking for a wifi connection

Hello Community

I am looking for a device allowing to make my switch connected to HA


it is a passive switch, meaning that there is no current going through:
it is a rotating switch composed of 3 wires left (yellow) /neutral (black) /right (Blue)
When rotating the switch it connects either the left-neutral or the right-neutral. when the switch is idle, nothing is connected. So it is working like two push buttons that could not be pushed at the same time

So i need as a solution a device:

  • connected (WIFI if possible)
  • preferably using 220V as supply power (could also work with included batteries, but i have 220v Wires available)
  • Able to passively connect one cable (Neutral) to the left wire, the right wire, or not connected
  • nice to have: to be able to capture when the physical switch is pushed (i can live without this function)

When i see over the net all solutions of connected switch are not passive. They are sending current, sometimes AC or DC but no one seems to operate in passive mode.

Anyone in the community able to help me ?

Many Thanks in advance

Dear community

I found this device Sonoff DualR3 Lite that allow a connection with the key switch (it can be wired as input in a double pulse mode config that is compliant with my needs)

Unfortunately at output level, it seems that the two channel are transmitted the input power, and i need the output to look like 2 channel passive pulse mode

Am i right in the analysis ?

Does anyone has experience with this device ?

Thanks for your answers

You can use the Sonoff with two external relays. Have each Sonoff output energise the coil of each relay, providing you with ‘dry’ contacts.

I also investigated the shelly plus 1 device, and use 2 devices (one for each push button)

This one seems to have an isolated output switch that can be configured as pulse passive button.

But at input level it does not seem to allow a wiring to my existing passive button

Am i right in the analysis ?

Does anyone has experience with this device ?

Thanks for your answers

Hello Dave

I need as output passive relay with no power (exactly the same configuration as input)

My question may sounds very basic and may be i complexified it.,
It can be summarized as:

I have today two passive push buttons that are controlling an installation,
i want to integrate this into Home assistant

I am looking for a wifi switch able to play as a push button to control my installation (seems the shelly plus 1 is able to do so)
Nice to have: I am looking for a wifi switch that can also connect to my physical push button, in order to detect in HA when the physical switch is used (seems the Sonoff dual R3 lite is able to do so)

Any easy solution ?

That’s exactly what my solution provides.

OK now i got you !

Connect the sonoff to two relays that will work as passive buttons.

do you know if there is a integrated solution existing in the market ?

It would sound very strange that nobody designed a simple solution allowing to connect a physical push button to capture its status and activate it remotely

If you don’t mind using a power supply (old phone charger etc.) to convert your 220Vac to 5Vdc then you can use one of these. (program it with ESPhome)