$20 IP Camera

I’ve been messing with the ~$20 camera mentioned here (the TOP-201): https://www.ipcamtalk.com/showthread.php/1812-Review-TOP-201-Super-Mini-720P-HD-IP-Cam-(The-Cheapest-IP-Cam-So-Far-!!)

I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned about it.

It took me a while to find the url for still images, getting still images from the camera looks like this:

  - platform: generic
    name: "Front Door Camera"

If you want to use rtsp to stream from the camera (using ffmpeg), you can use this url: rtsp://

You can also telnet into the camera with username root and password xmhdipc. It’s a tiny linux computer running busybox, very cool!

You might want to add a rule to your firewall preventing it from accessing the internet. It did appear to be connecting to a service that provides dynamic dns, and it was a bit scary to see it trying to make connections to the internet.

This post was a great guide on sending “intruder alert” emails if someone enters your place while you’re away: https://partofthething.com/thoughts/?p=1037 There was one big gotcha… If you’re saving files, you need to save them to /home/hass or it won’t work and the logs won’t tell you there was a problem.


So I’m experimenting with the camera as well and I’m using a mac. Do you know off hand where to locate the software for a mac? Is it necessary?