2020.12: Automate with Blueprints!

Never mind just took two hass restarts

Hi, thanks for upgrade.
Help! I am trying to create a blueprint automation but my automation are missing. When reboot HA get notification “invalid config”
The following integrations and platforms could not be set up:

  • [automation]
  • [default_config]
    Please check your config and [logs].

I try to find solution, but nothing helps

While I’ve used date codes for many of my version schemes over the years, I’d say my biggest issue with this one is the century code. I mean seriously, the first two digits of this version number are not going to change away from “20” for about… oh… 79 years or so!!! :sweat_smile:

The format I always like using is the two digit year, followed by the three digit julian date, and lastly the time of finalization. So for example right now it would be 20.350.0427. Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

Where are the blueprints created automations stored? I have all my automations / lovelace in yaml, but I decided to give it a try creating a zone notification via the UI, it appears that it is succeeded, but after “Save” there was no feedback and I don’t see it listed in Automations pane, nor in the notify_leaving_zone.yaml file, maybe in the .storage? I’ve restarted and no errors too. I guess I’m back to yaml, but nice effort :smiley:

All automations created in the UI are saved to automations.yaml

And you need to reference that with automation: !include automations.yaml

If you have another file with automations you can do that like this:

automation: !include automations.yaml
automation awesome: !include awesome_automations.yaml


Luckily it’s not being logged every second or minute. I don’t use this custom sensor for graphing, but rather for notification when a cert is nearing its expiration date.
As far as I can see, it works and it doesn’t have negative side effects.
I will make my automation better (in other words have it look at the fixed date instead of days left). But for now my automation is working after it broke due to upgrade to 2020.12

Hey thanks, I can see the file there, hopefully your answer might help others :slight_smile:
I usually place them all as:

automation: !include_dir_merge_list includes/automations

I will add include the auto_generated file too now cheers

I didn’t come here for support, but to see if anyone has found a solution to this problem, just to share ideas. I don’t think Synology are interested in a few people with Synology NAS that use Hassio on them.

Is it Synology that creates this? I’d assume it’s a community driven project and there are quite some people that use it on a Synology NAS from what I’ve read in the forum.

Updated and have Nabu Casa but tts.cloud_say not showing up as Service?

I just verified that the UI was not upgraded to support the existence of entity areas. It still only looks at the group areas for default device grouping. I think this is an incomplete implementation of entity grouping in the product.

Shouldn’t all code in the HA dealing with entities that used to look at device areas should now look for entity area first and, if not set, then look for a device area if any. This would include Lovelace default page and likely a few other places. I haven’t checked any other places as of yet.

Am I mistaken?

You seem to be right that it is not added to the Area Grouping on the Overview page (but does anyone use the overview page anyway?)

Good point. I wouldn’t doubt I’m in a very small minority.

Still, this oversight should be addressed. Also, other code that uses areas should be verified to work properly now that entities can have area assignment. Has anyone tried any other parts of the system that use areas? Do they respond properly to entity area assignment (even if the group has another assignment)?

all first time users :stuck_out_tongue:

My overview page is mainly just conditional cards for scheduled event reminders and music control since our house is never silent, so yeah, we use it.

overview is the only view I use… (User Controlled Dashboard)

Nothing in the breaking changes about broadlink as far as I see.
Using the upgrade tester I get this:
I rely on my S1c pir sensors threw the broadlink hub heavily.

hmmm not risking this at the moment. Can anyone shed light on this? Is its just a syntax change?

[23:05:17] ERROR: The configuration check did not pass!
[23:05:17] ERROR: See the output below for more details.
Testing configuration at /tmp/config
Failed config
  General Errors: 
    - Platform error sensor.broadlink_s1c - No module named 'broadlink'

Successful config (partial)

Noticed several reports of issue with HACS. Have not noticed update to HACS or HA? Issue for everybody or just a few unlucky (digital) souls?

1.9.0 released yesterday Releases · hacs/integration · GitHub

Interesting, thank you.

Not being offered on 118.5. Sooo, update to 2020.12, then update HACS …?