2021.12: New configuration menu, the button entity, and gorgeous area cards!

Yes, now the integration is working again…

There are several reports on GitHub from many users currently facing the same issues - it seems it’s just a coincidence that the problems occurred at the same time as the new HA release.

Once again , it’s on Tuya’s side, with the cloud connection proving unreliable.

One or two users are posting an automation workaround where you periodically re-load the whole integration to get it connected again.

Of course, this is likely to increase load on the cloud servers, so might actually make things worse in the medium term, but you could give it a try

could you post a link on how to create an automation for reload tuya integration automatically?

Not work . Xiaomi mio not work on release 2021.12.3

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That’s strange as in my case all the lights that were unavailable, after the update are again on…

Sure, choose your weapon:

Variation 1

Variation 2

Variation 3

Variation 4

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thanks for the info

Another brilliant release from the HA team. Been running HA for a couple of years now, not let me down once. HA is one of the solutions I am running at home I never hesitate to upgrade as soon as there is a new upgrade. Never had any issues with any upgrade. Great work and QA. A big thanks to all the team for your outstanding work and effort keeping HA rock solid, always adding new features and for making the best complete home automation platform.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year.


Hi people!

Where could I now shutdown my Raspberry Pi 4?
I have Hassio. I see only restart link in Configuration → Settings → server controls.

Earlier it was somewhere in System>Host System>Shutdown

it’s on restart side in my case.

Could you tell me please where is exactly?
I have this:

In your screenshot should be on the right side of restart


Does anybody know why I have no such shutdown button?

But I just checked in Chrome in my laptop and happens like you the shutdown button is not there.

Even in my mobile app I don’t see it as well :frowning_face:

Have you checked with another browser?

I am just trying to install core 2021.12.3

It failed twice with no real message and did not affect the gui.

However, tried again and it has been updating over an hour now.

Can I risk hard booting my raspberry Pi without risking the whole HA system?

Update: just completed after well over an hour. Longest yet

Now you find it at Configurarion, Add-ons/Backup and Supervisor, and from now you know it again :joy:

It’s still there. Choose “Add-ons, Backups & Supervisor” from the main Configuration menu, and then “System”. The “Shutdown Host” button is where it always was, in the Host panel…


I’ve lost my shutdown button too.