2021.2.x breaks Tado functionality - bring it back please

As stated in the relase notes, a breaking change of the Tado° component was included in 2021.2.0. With the conversion of some sensors to binary_sensors (which made perfectly sense), also sensor attributes were removed - unfortunately my UI relied heavily on them…

Does anybody else wants to get these back?

  • sensor.ZONE_overlay : termination
  • sensor.ZONE_open_window : open_window_attr

@Noltari: Why exactly did you remove the attributes?


@cicero222 I didn’t remove those attributes, so it must be a bug depending on your Tado setup.

In fact, I still have those with 2021.2.0:

Did you try removing and adding back the Tado integration?

Thanks @Noltari for your quick reply!

I do have the (binary) sensors, but their attributes are gone. Do you still have states.binary_sensor.calefaccion_overlay.attributes.termination in your setup?

@cicero222 excuse me, but I didn’t understand it correctly before…
I’ve now opened a PR to fix this issue: https://github.com/home-assistant/core/pull/46069

Best regards,


@cicero222 can you open an issue on home-assistant/core so that I can link it from my PR?

That way, this issue can be tracked from Github since I can add it to the additional information section (This PR fixes or closes issue…)