2021.6: A little bit of everything

You suspect correct. We are not changing the value, just applying the selected formatting.

It was already in the previous release. Sadly Somfy changed its conditions. I need to fix it again. See Somfy disconnects every 2 minutes · Issue #50815 · home-assistant/core · GitHub


Thanks for another great release, with nice additions!
Migration of buienradar to UI based configuration failed for lat/lon (in netherlands). I tried to fix by removing buienradar from config.xml and manually adding the integration. Now I’m left with the old prediction entities, it does not allow me to remove them manually. Is there a workaround for this?

Probably a victim of custom integrations requiring a version entry in the manifest file.
May need to contact the dev of that custom integration to fix or add one yourself

Wowzers again! So cool… that time format rocks!

Does this mean if selected “dark” all users by default will get the dark mode presented? If not is that possible in another way?

Same here, no more alexa media player integration available

havent figured out yet how we can update the integration, let’s say Buienradar with an automation. Sure we can use homeassistant.update_entity on all individual sensors (108 in this case :wink: ) but not the integration as a whole?
the former scan_interval isn’t that easily replaced as advertised because of that?

No, the theme selection is still (as it was before) made per login user session. So once you log out on your device that local theme selection is also gone.

You can however use services (e.g. triggered on HA start) that will set a preferred theme to be used for all users as default, unless the manually change it in their profile: Home Assistant Frontend - Home Assistant

But that is nothing new, that option already existed before.


Does the tahoma integration work better?

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How would i do that? What service is that? Syntax?

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I am no longer seeing the “media” directory as a selectable folder when making a partial snapshot, I don’t want to include this directory in my snapshots since it is very large. Maybe this is a bug in 2021.6.0?

Anyone else noticed the radarr integration is broken and all sensors unavailable?

Surely just requesting an update of one entity, will cause the integration to do it’s HTTP request and all entities that have changed as a result of the request will be updated? I would assume that requesting 100+ entities are updated in separate service calls, would cause the integration to make 100+ HTTP calls?


What about Daikin integration? What can we do with Daikin air conditioner?

But in the Supervisor, since you can’t select it, and if you choose a partial snapshot, it will not be included.

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The logbook has become so slow to load that it can only be described as unacceptable.

The UI blocks the entry of time interval till the initial 3 hours of data is loaded. This takes minutes!!!

It is the same in Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari on IOS. Same long time

When you then filter for a single entity it still takes time to load. When I limit the interval to 1 hour it takes 20 seconds to load. It seems a huge load of data is loaded. I even filter out the logbook so bluetooth device trackers and other very noisy items are not shown. This feature is impossible to use now when you have a mature installation with many devices.

And all you really need 90% of the time is data from within the last minutes when debugging stuff or from short interval in the past

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I noticed the same. The change was yesterday after upgrading to the new supervisor (2021.5.4), and probably not related to this core release.
My media folder is 15Gb and a partial snapshot without that folder was only 500M.
Now the only option is to do a manual copy from linux console or a full snapshot that takes more than 30 minutes.

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For info - Template-entity-row goofs up all entity cards in the frontend. You have to uninstall it until it is fixed.

That would be cool, didn’t think of it being that simple. I take Balloob’s like for a confirmation :+1:

It has been fixed, you need to update to 1.1.2