2021.6 front end formatting issue with Opera browser

I am experiencing severe format issues with entities cards under 2021.6 with Opera Browser. What is supposed to be a single line (icon, name, value or action) formats as three lines. It started with upgrade last night to 2021.6, but, oddly enough, only affects Opera, it does not affect Chrome (I do not have other browsers to test). Is any one else experiencing this?

I have the same problem with the chrome browser. :rage:

I changed the theme to default and now everything is normal again.

I was thinking it was theme-related (I use card mod to increase text sizes). But as a test, I tried removing those customizations from a dashboard, and that doesn’t solve the problem. I am also finding it to be inconsistent; it sometimes happens with the HA Android app, and the Opera Android browser as well; but sometimes everything displays fine. Any idea what could be causing this, and why 2021.6 seems to have triggered this?