2021.8.x slowness

I run HA on an overkill box. It has always been near instant when pulling up the GUI/lovelace interface.
every since the 2021.8.x release though, anytime I load any pages I almost always see the blue circle for 2-3 seconds before it loads. In all the years I’ve been running HA I’ve never had this issue until this last .8 release. does anyone else notice this? or is it just me?


I’m glad you posted this. I thought I made too complex of a dashboard or it was my connection which is plugged straight into Gig fiber.

Its definitely not just you. It’s madnenning trying to work on the dashboards and if you try to do it on a mobile device, it loses connection a lot.

Hope we can get some help on this thread

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Thanks for the confirmation @kksligh

Check your CPU usage. Ther was a report in the release notes topic of very high use.

appreciate the suggestion. it took 5 seconds to load the initial page, cpu is 3% mem is 12%
looking at history, cpu hasn’t gone above 5% and mem not above 13%. Like I mentioned it’s been near instant until this past set of releases. .8 now it’s acts like it’s slow reading from the database or something. Looking at the logs I don’t see anything unusual for my setup. this one is new Received invalid command: energy/get_prefs but it’s only in there twice, so I don’t think that could be it. I will keep digging.

@kksligh do you have TPlink/kasa devices? I tried to update and downgrade and things would appear a little better but then eventually i’d end up with the blue circles again. even the android app was slow.
updated to the .8 release today and everything is instant now. even after a hour. when i looked at the release notes, i saw these

specifically the 2nd one.
looking at the comments, that was exactly what was going on with my setup.
I just didn’t know it was related to TPlink.
so if you have any of those. try the .8 release. so happy it’s back to normal.

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Wow, amazing find! I pretty recently added a couple of kasa outlets…I’ll do some digging and report back.

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