2021 Nest Doorbell (battery) working?

Hi folks.

Has anyone integrated the new Nest doorbell successfully?


Not me. It seems like because the latest cameras are not fully integrated into Nest, the Nest component is not getting the respective data.

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No luck here either

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I don’t think it should be integrated as a camera. The device does not officially support 24/7 recording. According to one of the videos I saw about the device, the reason for this limitation are thermals. So even if operated via wires, the device probably will become too hot over time if constantly streaming video.

Edit: My statement is assuming the camera should be used for stuff like motion detection where a constant stream is required.

The camera has a built in PIR that it uses for motion detection in order to trigger video recording/streaming. It should eventually be possible to expose this ‘motion detected’ event to HA as a binary_sensor, however I don’t think that this device is supported by the new API yet.

Yes, that’s right. Just to expand on your comment:
2021 Nest Doorbell battery is not yet exposed by the nest API. I suspect this page Doorbell  |  Device Access  |  Google Developers which lists the DOORBELL device will be updated once support arrives, and it should just work with home assistant, or we’ll add what is needed to make it work into a next release, being tracked in https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/55302

FYI Nest API was updated today with battery doorbell support. Future updates will happen on the issue linked in the previous comment.

The Nest camera with battery uses the same method though and this one can be used wired. When it’s used wired it does stream 24/7. So I think it would be beneficial to implement the new method, at least for the camera.

I got them added, but the viewing doesn’t work on them

Correct, see my previous post.

The November 2021 release now supports Nest Battery Doorbells via the Nest Integration

Did someone found them in HA? I have the battery cam and don’t know how to add the cam

I followed these instructions: Nest - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

I have three wired cams in HA they work. So have to delete the integration an re-add it?

I have 2 Nest cam battery units wired, I can see them in the Nest integration but when I try to add the live feed for those cameras it will not show.

[edit] just found how to add the new cameras, you don’t have to mess with your current API configuration. delete the google nest integration and add it again in Home Assistant. Home Assistant will send you to an external page to authenticate at Google, after authenticate, this Google’s page will show you what you want to give access, and there will be the new cameras, they will be unselected and the old cameras will be selected, therefore: select the new cameras as well and confirm.

any luck?

I have similar (or same) problem. My doorbell V1 and and nest cam IQ are ok, I bought the new google cameras but these cameras don’t show up at all, the old things are still working. So, as you, I’m trying to see if anyone knows what it can be before messing with my existent API configuration :slight_smile:

I have followed the Nest instructions in HA a few times to see if in any step something was wrong or if there is a step to select the devices to be “exported”, but didn’t see anything to change.


Thanks. Sometimes you have to be brave. Works

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So as our battery devices work now. Have you managed to create a snapshot from these devices? As there is no 24/7 stream the snapshot is always black for me.

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I didn’t try to get a snapshot.
I saw black as well when I left my config as “auto”, but I don’t use “auto”, I leave them as “live”, example:

type: picture-glance
entities: []
camera_image: camera.sarah
camera_view: live

I get a picture when I click on the entity. This is working. If I add the battery camera to my dashboard with the picture-glance and the camera-view: live I get an error:

Failed to start WebRTC stream: Nest API error: Error from API: 429: RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED: Rate limited for the GenerateWebRtcStream API for the user.: Too Many Requests