2022.04 - groups feature - how to group input.boolean entities?

Version 2022.04 supports great new features to create groups from the UI.
However, is does not seems possible to create a group from input.boolean entities (helpers).
A group of input.boolean entities can be created via YAML but it would be very nice if this was also possible from the UI.
Hope I am not overlooking a feature I not yet discovered. :wink:

I think that only selected common domains were included in this release, the big one that seemed to be missing for me was the โ€œpersonโ€ domain. Hopefully other domains will get added in future releases.

Could really use grouping input booleans from the UI right about. Waiting for a raspberry pi 3 to reboot is painful. Been trying to snag a raspberry pi 4 for far too long. :\