2022.10: All over the place

Read the full release announcement here

Nice work. Been using the beta, it’s been rock solid. Thanks :+1:


Nice work, and still waiting for the most requested automation organizer/labels! #69996 :wink:

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What happened to tuya? We haven’t seen anything Bluetooth for tuya as well!!


I almost never upgrade to the .0 release anymore, but I am very tempted to do so to start re-working my dashboards with sub views.


Sub views rock, great feature!!! Thank you all…


Posted in wrong thread, apologies.

Those sub views bring us a big step towards those beautiful pop-up-like boxes which hover above the current view (which is blurred) as seen on many custom themes.

I really hope this is a first step into that direction so we can have those beautiful dashboards one day without custom frontend integrations. I‘m sure the new colleague and Mushroom cards designer will bring much experience for this so we all profit from this in the future.

Great update!

Great work!

Does this mean I can now use the iBeacon integration to actually track the BLE Transmitter from the HA Android Companion App in HomeAssistant? (The traditional bluetooth_le_tracking integration doesn’t seem to track the UUID, but ‘only’ the MAC - which is randomized…)

yes a few users in the beta confirmed the BLE transmitter does indeed get picked up as an iBeacon


Thanks everyone, great update again.

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I feel like I need to buy Bluetooth stuff


Thanks for this, too late to start updating & checking today.

One question for starters: I have some time ago even started a question thread in the forum about how to customize panel overly rounded corners away, because I #!&%%#¤& hate them.

So: how to remove those restyled rounded corners??

So many exciting things this month :eyes:

I’m happy to have iBeacons working without the need for a custom integration from HACS.

I have a HA Yellow on order. Is there any point for me to order a SkyConnect?

But Zigbee & Matter are supposed to be built into the Yellow, which is the main reason I ordered one – whenever it was first announced.

Do I need to update my atom-bluetooth-proxies for active bluetooth? If yes, how?

Nope. Makes no sense, was mentioned during the session

Sorry…misread you question I thought you were looking for a point of sale for the skyconnect.
I believe the zigbee chip in the yellow will also support Matter. However, I’m not sure if it will allow them to run concurrently like the skyconnect.