2022.10 installed and a new integration appeared

After updating to 2022.10.1 a new iBeacon tracker device was discovered. What the heck is it? Govee makes LED lights and I don’t have any Govee LED lights, so what did my server discover?

Your neighbors Govee? I see some fun coming… :smiley:

You found a rando bluetooth device

Unlikely, the nearest neighbor is 30 meters away and my HA server is in my basement. plus the distance is always zero meters.

What good is the feature if I don’t know what is the device that was discovered.

How is that HA’s fault, that’s what the device is reporting itself as. This is how bluetooth works. You scan, it tells you the device name, you choose the correct device. Same with any bluetooth device in any software.

According to google that is a Govee H5074 Bluetooth Low Energy Smart Thermo Hygrometer, sure you haven’t got one of those ?

30 meters is still within reach with BLE, on the edge, but possible.

Maybe there’re some wacky transmit power values that are causing the incorrect distance value. The only explanation I can thing of is that it’s just from a nearby house, as mentioned already. Unfortunately, there’s no beep function or other identification method.

I would recommend using an app like WifiMan or nRF Connect to try to debug/track down the Bluetooth signal.

Whoops. I do. I did a Google search but found nothing. I bought it months ago and promptly forgot about it. It was in a storage drawer in my basement. I moved it and the distance changed. Now I need to buy a few iBeacon tacker devices- cool feature.




sometimes… :smiley:

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I never said it was HA’s fault- only asking what to do with the data.