2022.11: A heck of a release!

This is all that pops up in a search for “ical” or “google” (I’ve restarted since the last log entry above):

022-12-02 06:39:57.293 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setup failed for google: Unable to import component: No module named 'ical.timespan'

Are you running any custom calendars? Google does not use that lib. Well it doesn’t appear to use that lib, neither does the source lib. However I’m not using an IDE, so I might have missed it.

Not that I can see in my custom_components directory. I don’t see anything listed in HACS.

I don’t know where else it could be coming from and none of my google calendars (I have four configured) are loading.


So I assume that it’s the built-in calendar integration that has the issue.

Write up an issue if there isn’t already one. Odd that you’re hitting this an no one else is though.

seems like there’s already an issue and a fix


This apparently has to do with the custom integration

that needs updating

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I had downloaded that repo when it was first announced but I had never actually installed it.

it took a bit of jumping thru hoops (uninstalling it, re-downloading it, uninstalling it, reverting back to 2022.10.4 then back to 2022.11.5, etc) but I finally got it un-installed and the google calendar integration seems to be working again.

strange that I’ve never had a custom integration ever overwrite a built-in integration library that isn’t a custom version of that same built-in integration. I never even suspected that was a possibility.

I guess I don’t need that custom integration anyway.

thanks for the help.

Well, if it’s installed in place (in custom_components) HA still loads the manifest which in turn loads the dependencies in the system. Not sure the order of that and how that impacts things, but you probably could have fixed it by just matching the dependencies on the custom integration.

TLDR: Dependencies are a PITA

webrtc not streaming in 2022.11.5 version

Yes it is sir

@bandric1 You can start by ensuring that you are not running in debug mode, and that you’re only writing the desired level of information to your logs. Do something like this in your configuration.yaml.

# Level of info written to the HA log files.
  default: critical
    # log level for components
    homeassistant.components.mqtt: error

Then, although Supervisor is one of the HA components, it somehow does not use these settings in the HA config file. You have to set it’s log level separately. e.g.

ha supervisor options -l warning

And as you are running supervised you have the ability to investigate and troubleshoot in more detail to help find and fix the root cause of your excessive logs, and make advanced changes to your system that impacts your SSD usage.

Until recently PulseAudio was running in debug mode in the hassio_audio container, spamming the downstream system logs with a lot of unnecessary crap detail. This seems to be fixed though in the current container release. But you can still do your CPU usage and hence system performance a favor by suspending PulseAudio if you are not using audio in your implementation.

Same here. When upgradeing from 11.2 tot 11.5 memory get lost. Stopping ONVIF and all oke

Its been fixed hopefully - just waiting to be merged into a release . :+1:


@frenck - Maybe I am too early but where is the new 2022.12 release? It is after 8PM CET on the first Wednesday of the month. So I just googled the beta release notes and I read the following:

Don’t forget to join our release party live stream on YouTube today at 12:00 PDT / 21:00 CET!

I am not following the YouTube channel, and I am not aware when the release party is happening live, but generally a less than 1 hour notice seems to be a bit short. :wink:

On the YT channel the party is announced a week in advanced, same on the Discord server. And it is a fixed date on every first Wednesday of a month, so can be planned for pretty good.

you can always follow the process live here: Actions · home-assistant/core · GitHub

@spacegaier, I am not following the YouTube channel and I use rarely Discord. But good to know.

@BebeMischa, thanks, I will keep tracking that.

If it wasn’t clear, why the blog post goes online 40 minutes before the event? I just found it a bit late… (I believe that was the case with the last release’s blog post as well, but at that time there wasn’t release party, but the State of the Open Home on the following Sunday.)

why the blog post goes online 40 minutes before the event

Because that is the time when the release is actually finalized and built/uploaded. Before that we cannot publish the blog post yet, as there still might be last minute changes required.


I have just updated to 2023.1.1 but this bug with restart mode seems to persists. I simply haven’t noticed it earlier. Unfortunately, it breaks some of my automations.

Copy that.

Great release, by the way.

Would you recommend checking all using the mode: restart setting?`

I’m wondering why

  • there was nothing in the release notes about this
  • not many more complain about this

But makes me feel a bit uncomfortable as I’m using this mode too.