2022.11: A heck of a release!

Read the full release announcement here

Oral-B support!!! Great work and thanks to the team, so many improvements here!


Been running the beta with no ill effects, great release :slight_smile:


Eagerly awaiting it to be pushed to my system so I can play around with the Lifx improvements :smiley:

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WTH, what a release, again!
Thanks for your ongoing efforts guys.

Nice!! Water meter is really nice and the refinement on automation reloading is great too!! love this.


I’m not seeing the select entities for LIfx IR devices. Do I have to re-add them?

Did anyone elses OpenSprinkler integration stop working after the update?

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Do you know how to configure it? I have counter counting liters of water. I created a template sensor

  - platform: template
        unique_id: "d031e12f-77f1-4270-bde0-0f31eff697bc"
        unit_of_measurement: m³
        value_template: "{{ states('sensor.boiler_counter_c1')|float(0) / 1000.0 }}"
        device_class: water

I see it with correct unit but energy dashboard setup doesn’t show it.

You’re missing state_class and you need to use the new template style.

Yes, but haven’t got as far to look in to it yet.

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Still doesn’t work

  - sensor:
    - name: "Water m3"
      state: "{{ states('sensor.boiler_counter_c1')|float(0) / 1000.0 }}"
      unit_of_measurement: m³
      state_class: total_increasing

For me it looks like it needs some sort of statistics sensor but how to configure it?

Wel you left out device class now. Need all 3: device_class, state_class, and unit_of_measurement. Then you can add it but it’ll take an hour or so to generate the stats IIRC

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I removed it because the water device class was missing in vscode schema… Anyway it works now. Thanks! Strange that I have to convert my liters counter to cubic meters sensor and then energy dashboard converts it back to liters :smiley:

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Iirc, You shouldn’t have to, your UOM just needs to match your value and your device needs a state class and device class.

There’s a PR in the works for vscode to update the schema for water

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The entry asks for sensor with unit or gl. I created exact same template sensor with L and can’t add it to the dashboard

Nice release!

The only warning I received on container restart was ‘certificate’ deprecation from MQTT. Removed and all good.

You are the best! I wanted many things that have been released in this release, e.g.

  • water usage on energy
  • Roborock S7 MaxV in Miio integration
  • Airthings BLE :heart:
  • and more unique_id fields

Many thanks!!! :smiley: