2022.12 Color states are broken/unusable

Whoops, I didn’t see that. I searched for “location” and not “zone”. Thanks for the info. That’s disappointing. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. I like the new colors overall, but it did break a number of things.

You’re right - I did not see the additional links.
Sorry for that.
However, I still struggle and obviously need to dig deeper (I just migrated from openhab a few months ago).
Anyway - thank you I might come back with more questions… :wink:

A reminder. The zone colours before 2022.11.x were assigned randomly. You could not count on a specific zone to always be shown as a specific colour. The only thing lost is that it is less easy to see changes between non-home zones. And you actually won that you can now count on the home zone being always same colour

This topic became more or less useless.

  1. Mostly questions should be addressed to Dev - but posted questions here are usually ignored. I asked particularly @piitaya several times - and usually w/o a response.
  2. Instead of getting answers about baseline things - people here are discussing things like “why color_x is set for state_y”. Guys, if each domain/class/state has a theme var (which is not) - then choice of colors will be up to users.
  3. New people come here & ask same questions which were already discussed - so questions to Dev are lost in this huge topic.

A proposal: for discussing a particular color for particular sensor - let’s create a GitHub issue or a Github discussion - and then post links here to let people to join them.

No particular person (dev or otherwise) is under an obligation to answer questions in here. This thread was carved off so people could
a) highlight the particular things they found frustrating
b) help others find workarounds and solutions
c) identify when those workarounds are no longer necessary as the product itself has changed

You know, like all forum threads on a community forum. In that regard please stop tagging piitaya. He clearly is reading and reacting to this thread given all the recent changes. Repeating the same questions again and again aimed at him isn’t really helpful, it’s just increasing the noise.

It seems like you submitted everything you still find frustrating as issues. That seems like the right approach at this point. Then the community can thumbs up and comment if they agree, focusing attention on the specific aggravations remaining.


Because - as it was said here already many times - there is a trend:

  1. Dev do smth
  2. Users ask why, propose alternatives.
  3. Devs ignore.
  4. Users have to repeat.
  5. Now there is an impression that users are making a noise etc.

This is exactly what I did - I registered some issues.
But in most of them there is no reaction from Dev, one important issue related to new rgb format was closed.
I posted links to these issues here. Some people joined.

Surely I hope so. Then why not to come down here and calm people?

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I’ve never talked with Paul myself so I can’t really speak for him, but if I were in his shoes I’d ignore your constant repetitive questions. Especially with the REACTIONS you give with any response. Your responses can be impertinent and demanding. I’m not sure if that’s your intentions, but that’s how they come across to me.


Just your personal opinion, and I tried to explain a sequence here. I admire dev’s work for sure, but this is a joint work. And ignoring technical questions is, let’s say, a bad behaviour for a technician.

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I’m just hinting that you might want to look inward. There’s probably a reason he’s ignoring just you…

Could be possible, cannot consider this as a professional behaviour.

But the same can be said about your responses. No one is obligated to respond to people. There’s even a block button on the forums. Anyone is entitled to block anyone.

The 2022.12 color states changes broke the custom button card that I use a lot. One of the work-arounds was to load a css file. I tried this and for some reason Chrome is not finding the file. I have read in the past that css file can’t be loaded from resource file. Has this changed? I have no idea how to fix my simple switches which were showing a yellow for on and gray for off. Now it is showing two shades of gray.

Could you post me in PM your css file & a card where it is used?
Please send a short minimal version just to demonstrate the problem.
Cannot say anything more w/o these details.

tbh, thats the one card that has no issues in my config, because you can set just about everything inside it, and are not perse forced to use the default colors in HA.

What’s your issue and let us have a look?
Maybe in the dedicated thread on Button-card itself?

with or without obligation, HA devs don’t talk to users. Cannot say for sure they don’t listen to (maybe they read forums and are prone to make good decisions based on that). But definitively don’t confirm that (hence number of posts in this thread).

So what are you talking about?
The overall user’s impression is that we are beating a dead horse. And you are just confirming that.

Uh, Paul has responded multiple times in this thread. No clue what you’re talking about. You also have command central posting ~6 posts up. :man_shrugging:

Lets not forget all the dot releases with changes either.

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I already posted there with my code. Others have also seen the same issue. Romrider says he is working on a fix (open issue on the card). There are a couple of temporary fixes but I am have difficulties getting them to work. The css file and the code called out in the to open issue is not working for me.

Seriously? I myself have many unanswered questions, some other people too have them here in this thread. And 99% of them were concrete & polite. Do not pretend you do not understand. Seems that some people here just enjoying a situation “user’s complains are ignored”. Here I also mean people who likes posts intended to hide or devalue a problem. Sorry for my broken English.

I tried explaining to you multiple times that it was your approach to the situation that’s getting you personally ignored. You brushed me off both times. I’m not sure how else I can tell you. Most other questions were answered pretty quickly aside from random tags 1 to 2 days after he posted.

By all means, keep up what you’re doing. You don’t have to take my advice, I’m not talking to you as a mod. I’m talking to you as an outside observer to the situation.

Cool I’ll check what you’ve posted there. Thx.
Maybe I do have a problem too after all ;-))