2022.12 Color states are broken/unusable

wondering if all issues in the colorizations have been fixed now? last few frontend releases didnt change a color setting, and personally I still see the odd unexpected color when not customizing default theming.

last release on the frontend Release 20230102.0 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub

What is the current state of this color change debacle, do we have an officially documented list of variables that are supposed to stay in place in the foreseeable future?

Can the off state color be configured now?

Can zone colors for different zones (including not-home and home) be configured now?


I’m really keen to know if there are any planned changes to the zone colouration to give back what we used to have…


My cover for my garage door would show yellow when open. It is now showing purple when open. I don’t know exactly when this started happening. I did try:

state-cover-color: ‘#FFEB3B

but it didn’t help.

Any thoughts here?

I’ve re-read this thread again a few times and am still at a loss.

I am not concerned (much) as to what the colors are, but rather than they change from one color when off to another color when on. This happens with all my lights, but NOT with switches.

Look at Post 161 and 200 above.
I had the exact same issues initially, then I followed the instructions in post 161 with the additional information I explain in post 200.
All of my colors were off too, but following the above I have it very very close to what it used to be.

I am also interested in getting answers about:

  • FINAL variables - with final format - it used to standard CSS format, then changed to “255,255,255”, then strongly refused to be changed back to standard CSS format, then silently changed back to standard CSS format…. Dramatic.
  • documentation,
  • colored zones,
  • variables for OFF, unavailable, unknown.

It was promised (except for zones) many times, still no result.

Thank you, @GlennHA . Unfortunately, after following those instructions diligently, I’m still seeing the same behavior. I guess I’ll just live with it. It’s the first time in my memory that a change in HA resulted in a worse result for me than an improvement.

Do you really have

state_color: true

In your card? And which card are you using where you see this behavior?

I am using “Entity Filter Config Card” and yes I have state_color true on.

type: entity-filter
  - light.buro
  - switch.bad_loudness
  - 'on'
  - 'off'
  type: entities
  state_color: true

is bringing colors here for light and switch. And you have not overwritten the color in your theme?

OMG @arganto - thank you, thank you, thank you! I moved my state_color from its own entry to under card: and all is working again. It had been on a separate line forever and used to work, so apparently something along the way changed. Nonetheless, I am now back to where I wanted to be! Thanks again!

Colors are very personal choose, I haven’t come across any two person(s) that agree on one color theme let alone millions. i am very thankful for the hard work the developers put in. But why upgrade and change the colors for everyone and make everyone change color back, instead of just keep it same and let people change it when they ready? cover default color is purple? and alarm arm color is green? :man_facepalming: it funny how we all flock here trying to “fix” this


While I agree with some parts of what you’re saying, it needs to be said that forums typically suffer from strong observation bias. The vast majority of people will post about problems and compliments will be few. Threads like this are also an echo chamber. I think there are over a hundred thousand known HA installations. It’s hard to know the true picture without proper research. In the end, this did upset a lot of people, that’s for sure, and it’s on the higher end of issues I’ve seen here over the years, but the true extent of it is hard to tell.


Let me pick what you wrote. it’s 100% true. Devs should take it into consideration too.

Is there still no way to have a color for Alarm Disarmed? I cant seem to get it back to normal. With “solution” in this thread i can get nearly everything but Alarm Disabled back to normal.

The method I use is

In configuration.yaml

  themes: !include_dir_merge_named themes
    - /local/kenneth-colours.js

And the …config/www/kenneth-colours.js looks like this

document.documentElement.style.setProperty('--rgb-state-cover-color', 'var(--rgb-orange-color)');
document.documentElement.style.setProperty('--rgb-state-alarm-disarmed-color', 'var(--rgb-green-color)');
document.documentElement.style.setProperty('--rgb-state-alarm-armed-color', 'var(--rgb-red-color)');

So I define disarmed as green and armed as red.
Hope this helps

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tried this @KennethLavrsen but didnt seem to change.

And you restarted Home Assistant?

I see that you use a different Alarm card than the standard one I use. I use the standard alarm-panel card and see green for disarmed and red for armed

Yeah if I used alarm card with keypad it is green. But not what I use. So strange!