2022.12: It does matter!

Look here.

Maybe Ive been doing it incorrectly, but I’ve created a calendar ‘Verjaardagen’ (anniversaries) and added all events in my household.

However, if I find the calendar entity in states, there is only 1 listed, and it doesnt have 8 events connected to it. Only 1. where are my other events? I can see them in the actual Local calendar.

btw, an anniversary would have been nice to simply state the date of the event (birthday…) and not have to state all day, and begin and end date.

Maybe thats a future enhancement?

You should learn up on how calendars work, they only show the next event. I simply using them as a visible schedule and you can build automations off each calendar. I have separate calendars that do different things. Like one that tells me when to take out the garbage, etc.

o thats is really inconvenient then. Too bad.
I was hoping to replace the existing and well known python script with this local calendar, but thats out of the question then. If there is no overview of all events to be made in a single card, it’s of nu real use for me.

Thanks for this release!
The local calendar was something I really wanted to have since my “waste collection scheduler” did provide calendar entries…
All other changes are also quite good - and a lot of stuff comming together now… :slight_smile:
But right now, the biggest usecase for me is in fact that calendar - as of now.

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Are the new state sensitive colors configurable? Right now the Lock entity coloring is completely backwards (Orange for the Locked state, which should be green by my logic).

ETA: the default coloring for locks has been fixed and is now a good default. Thanks!


When casting a dashboard with tiles using the light-brightness feature, it does not show up on the device it’s being cast to. (In this case a Nest Hub)

I really like them otherwise!

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Just a follow up.

in Picture Elements cards the ‘–paper-item-icon-color’ still works for the off state of binary sensors. You have to replace the ‘–paper-item-icon-active-color’: red with something like ‘–rgb-state-binary-sensor-color’: 255,0,0
The 3 numbers are Red, Green, and Blue. So 255,0,0 is bright in your face red which is what I want


A biweekly repeat option for the calendar would be greatly appreciated! Most of my automations would be based on biweekly events, so I’ll hold off on using it until that’s hopefully added in the future.

Yet you haven’t posted an issue to here GitHub - music-assistant/hass-music-assistant: Turn your Home Assistant instance into a jukebox, hassle free streaming of your favorite media to Home Assistant media players.

It is a custom integration, this is not the place for support.

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Clean your cache in your browser (control/command + shift + r) and it will appear under settings > general

Every 2 weeks is pretty easy with a template sensor and some calculations - here’s an example to play with in dev tools which counts down:

{{ ((14-(((as_timestamp(now().date()) - as_timestamp('2022-11-02')) / 86400)|round(0,'ceil')) % 14) % 14) }}

Irregular events need a calendar (although I just remember when the bins go out a day later after a public holiday).

How do I add events to the new local calendar? I’ve setup a calendar card but don’t see any option to add events.

Great job guys, thanks!

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Thanks, I already have automations set up for biweekly events, but it would be nice to visualize them in the calendar or be able to remove/move just one of the instances without messing around in an automation. For example, I work a compressed schedule at work so I have every second Friday off, but if that Friday happens to be a holiday, then I get the Monday off instead. It would be easier to set odd occurrences like that in the calendar than an in automation.

Look at the calendar tab

Thanks, I didn’t notice this tab before but was expecting a button on the card.

I have such a warm, happy and contented feeling right now. A-mazing. My home automation platform is improved and I didn’t write a single line of code. You spectacular fking legends! Thank you


Since applying update 2022.12; my input_datetime entities have become unusable because the DATE part of the date time entities are un-editable on the dashboards.

Anyone else having this issue??


Climate entities now appear as orange when in Idle (Heat) mode. But not actually heating. They turn Red when actually heating. It is extremely difficult to see the difference between Idle and actually heating. I have spent an hour trying to figure out why the boiler was clearly not running, but it looked like it was in Home Assistant. Please please choose more contrasting colours.