2022.4.5: stream is still leaking memory

So it looks like the stream component is still leaking in 2022.4.5. The leak is different from the 2022.4 one. It happens everytime I start a stream and let it stop after the 5 minute timeout. I’m not using preload. It doesn’t leak while the stream is running, but when the stream opens:


Every jump in the memory graph is when I start the same stream again (after letting it idle out). The big dip shortly before 22:00 is a restart of a clean 2022.4.5 install.

Can anyone confirm this before I open an issue on Github ?

Has no one else observed this or is restarting and stopping streams an uncommon use case and people just let them run 24/7 ?

It looks like there is enough time between those runs for garbage collection to happen.

Please open the GitHub issue. Thanks!

Yeah definitely, it should have collected since. It’s still at the same higher level right now, it never went back down since the test two days ago.

Will do !

When you have, would you please link it here? I’d like to follow the issue.

Issue #70340 opened on Github.

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