2022.5: Streamlining settings



Thanks Petro, yes I was being dumb! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say that, took me a bit to find it. It was one of the most asked questions in the beta. Just need to learn the new location.

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Gents, while moving config check\reload to developments menu, did you think that Development menu opens quite a long time on configs bigger than couple of buttons\lights?

i have my HA running on i5-10600 with 16gb ram and nvme drive…it tooks up to 3sec every time when i open dev menu…just think about rpi users…


Takes milliseconds for me

Great work all! The changes will be very helpful. The new Insteon control panel for us who came from the old Insteon environment is great. I do have an ask - is there a way to add the HA “friendly names” for the Insteon devices?



It depends on how many entities you have. It takes ~250ms for me, but I only have 1k entities or so. Seems like it might be worth switching the default page to the Yaml Configuration page when you first click on Developer Tools.


how many entities?

i have about 3200 entities at the moment

exactly. i’m with HA for more than 3 years and it looks like it was not tested\planned\designed for big setups…

No, it was noted. The dev who made the ui changes wanted feedback from the community before changing the default page.


There should be a better work around. Think the state page is one of the most used pages in developer tools and only because there was the move from cepheck/reload to the new yaml tab there, this should not be the entry point and one have to click again to get, where he want to go.

I think: For those who want a quicker restart can use the system menu.

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The default page is only used on the first loading of the page. If you navigate around frequently, clicking dev tools will remember the last tab it was on, so this is a moot point.


Well done guys! :+1:

It’s amazing how you keep lifting HA to the next level, EVERY TIME!
Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

Yes and no. If it would be stored in a cookie, user profile or whatever, you are right and this would be more than great. but currently every refresh of the browser, every new browser page,… It is resetting to default.

found a quick one - working fine from left menu

Packed release - great work!

The new developer-tools/statistics page is interesting. Minor bug: clicking on sort by issue doesn’t work properly. The sort order changes but it’s not sorted by issue.

Awesome, thanks to everyone who worked on it! :+1:

You get me wrong. I know this. My point was only, that I personally would not like if this page would be default page of developer tools as Petro proposed.

about 7 seconds (!!!) on celeron - too much to be ok

Guys, i was waiting for the continue_on_error option:

so yaml:

  alias: Alles uit
  continue_on_error: true

but gives me:

2022-05-04 22:27:58 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.config] Invalid config for [script]: [continue_on_error] is an invalid option for [script]. Check: script->continue_on_error. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 130).