2022.6.0 - Memory leak, RPi 4B 8G

Hi, something is going wrong.
Has someone saw something similar?

Upgraded today, running a Pi4 8GB HAOS

this is my memory usage…

If its leaking python objects this service will log them: SERVICE PROFILER.START_LOG_OBJECTS

I’m not seeing it. Upgraded the minute it got released. I’m using quite a few integrations, but apparently not the one causing you misery. The spikes are when using Visual Studio Code:

I am not quite sure, what happened in that time frame when I can see the growing of memory usage in my history… but it seems that - whatever it was - not causing any issues atm.

I will keep an eye on this within the next days…

Look like it is fixed in 2022.6.1.
For me it happened when someone with mobile app leaved home

im on 2022.6.2 and still see a drop in memory. But im not seeing the fast drops. Im seeing the RAM drop overtime. At the moment im at 2900 MB of the 8000 MB i have in total. It keeps dropping until i reboot. After that it goes back to 5000 MB of free RAM and start dropping again. Havent tested how low it will drop eventually. im on a NUC 10th gen i7.

I think its good that a system utilizes as many recourses as its got. but im afraid when the RAM drops to 0 the system will start freezing up