2022.6 - Recorder

Reading into the upcoming change (2022.6) and noticed a change to the Recorder function.

I just want to refer to my old thread as I was curious if I could run InfluxDB to record the data (as I am doing now) and also have the MS SQL as a recorder too?

With my previous thread, I got this working, I was logging data to BOTH InfluxDB and MS SQL DB

# Send statistics to InfluxDB
  host: localhost

# Send statistics to MS SQL  
db_url: mssql+pyodbc://USERNAME:PASSWORD@MS-SQL-IP-ADDRESS/HomeAssistant?charset=utf8;DRIVER={FreeTDS};Port=1433;

As I was unsure if it would cause any issues, I commented out the MS SQL recorder a while ago (but it was submitting data to both databases)

Questions I have is:

  1. Should the above config work? Would it cause errors?
  2. Post 2022.6 - will this still work? Will it cause errors?