2022 Help/ Suggestions: Recessed Lighting AIO Kit (Remodel with built in LED ballast- Zigbee 3.0 or confirmed HA WiFi integration)

I’m looking for some guidance on best recessed down lights in 2022. I found similar questions back through 2019 before there was a native Wiz integration and wanted to see if anyone had a better alternative. Specifically for my case I need the remote housing and not the bulb screw type. But please share suggestions if you have them for others who stumble through this later.

I would like zigbee 3.0 if available but I’m fine with sticking to WiFi.

My current setup
Ubiquity UDM Pro
Ubiquity 24 port POE switch
2x Ubiquity Wifi6 Pro APs
4x Ubiquity G4 instant WiFi cameras
1x Unifi G4 Doorbell

15x Kasa Smart switches
10-ish x Kasa smart plugs
10x Wiz A19 bulbs

1x Apple HomePod mini
15x Nanoleaf Essentials A19 bulbs
2x Nanoleaf Essentials LED strips for counter lights

During this install I will have electricians run CAT6A to all the TVs and offices so most the heavy hitting bandwidth will (soon) be hardwired. Even if that wasn’t the case, my APs support hundreds of clients each.

That being said, I do want to start moving more of my smart devices off of WiFi just to clean up the
RF spectrum and I like the self healing aspects of Thread/Matter/Zigbee.

I’ve done some searching on Amazon and google for zigbee 3.0 downlights and didn’t come up with anything that I felt comfortable buying 16x of on a whim to try out.

We love the wiz lights and the home Assistant integration is awesome and easy to work with. The only downside is we don’t have the cans installed so the screw in bulb wouldn’t work for us. The labor to install the housing would eat up my project. I’m also sure it break code to just cut the bulb off and wire them directly to the Romex. But hey, I’ve seen some crazy ingenuity on this forum and Reddit. I have a 3D printer and could make a housing but I am concerned about fire risks.

I need the all in one kits that we just drill the hole in the ceiling and wire them in series as we go along.
Something similar to these:

I currently do not have any zigbee hubs so would probably pickup a combee II stick.

I realize what I’m requesting is a pretty niche market and I doubt they have zigbee AIO kits out yet, so if anyone has any experience with anything that I can buy and integrate into home assistant that would be awesome.

Amazon would be preferred just for the return policy but I’m not shy to buy off of eBay or Ali express or even direct from manufacturer, just as long as I’m not blindly purchasing light kits.

Don’t, they are old hat

This site is good for finding zigbee stuff. Database of Zigbee devices compatible with ZHA, Tasmota, Zigbee2MQTT, deCONZ, ZiGate and ioBroker

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Wow thanks for the site!

Can you recommend a gateway other than the combee II stick?
I have a raspberry pi4 that I’m using as HA OS for the time being until I build a NAS.

I think I’m going to try out the Gledopto Pro downlight on amazon to test compatibility and then buy the bulk off of Ali express.

I ended up scoring a Sonoff 3.0 dongle for super cheap on ebay.

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I see you found a co-ordinator. For others, this page has good advice Supported Adapters | Zigbee2MQTT

Although it is for z2m, the co-ordinator advice is also applicable to zha.

Thanks Nick!

I see where we are in a weird time of new standards rolling out, especially with Thread and Matter on the (maybe horizon).

I appreciate you steering me clear of the old tech!

@mrdj863 Hello! I’m also looking for smart recess lights for new instation that work well with HA. What lights did you end up choosing?

I’m still waiting to see if anything comes out by the years end.

I purchased the Gledepto Zigbee 3.0 pro 4” light as a test via Amazon and was super happy with the results.

It’s setup on my bench at the moment. I don’t think it is to code to install as-is in the US. Will look into finding a junction box to store the wiring in to bring it up to code soon. I’ve been too busy with work and travel lately to focus on the project.

For my use case I’ll eventually get the 6” lights but they weren’t available at the time on Amazon. Still aren’t if I’m not mistaken.

So that means I’ll have to go through a bulk order on Ali Express. Really hoping someone makes an AIO kit that is UL listed or at the very least comes in an enclosed case that doesn’t leave mains voltage connected via wire nuts outside of an enclosure.

You inspired me to check on availability and the 6” were in stock. I just grabbed 2x to replace my 2x chandeliers that are driving me nuts.

GLEDOPTO Zigbee 3.0 LED Downlight 12W RGBCCT Home Smart Recessed Ceiling Light Compatible with Amazon Echo Plus,Waterproof Pro Downlight Support App/Voice/2.4G RF Remote Control… https://a.co/d/gOt9SzF

I’m in the same situation. Considering using the Philips Hue Slim 5/6 recessed. Hoping they go on sale at some point in the next 5 months.

Bump for an update. Same boat. Thank you.